Spanish courses for adults in Spain

Spanish language courses for adults in Spain

Adult Spanish language courses with communicative Spanish lessons to learn to speak Spanish.
Here is a short description of Spanish language courses for adults to learn Spanish in Spain.

General Spanish courses in Spain

Short Term Spanish courses for adults in Spain for learning Spanish language from 2 to 12 weeks.

Adult Spanish courses where Spanish language is studied in a global way, providing a solid basis in Spanish grammar, vocabulary and communicative functions. Four skills are developed in the Spanish lessons: listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing.

We offer four types of General Spanish language courses for adults either in Alicante or Vitoria:

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Specialized Spanish language training courses in Spain

Spanish courses for Specific Purposes for adults for learning Spanish language with special vocabulary.

2 to 12 weeks for group Spanish courses and from 1 week or more for individual Spanish language courses.

These Spanish study abroad programs for adults are designed to satisfy professional, academic or personal requirements, and you can combine them with general Spanish courses.

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Long term Spanish Immersion programs in Spain

Long Term Adult Spanish courses: Term, Semester, Academic Year for learning Spanish language from 12 to 60 weeks.

An investment in your future to learn to speak Spanish. Spanish study abroad programs from 12 to 60 weeks, in which will improve your Spanish level substantially, as well as have an understanding of the social and cultural reality in Spain. These Spanish courses prepare you to get by in a Spanish-speaking world.

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Summer Spanish courses in Spain

Language study holidays courses in Spain for your Vacations in Spain, in Alicante or Vitoria, to combine your learning Spanish language with sports, excursions and trips.
1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks learning Spanish language in Spain
An ideal opportunity for your summer study abroad course in Spain combining your spanish study abroad program with other activities before or after the Spanish classes such as sailing or windsurfing, tennis or golf. You will be able to learn Spanish in Spain while you enjoy your holidays.

Summer Spanish courses for adults in Alicante

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Summer Spanish courses for adults in Vitoria

Summer Spanish courses in Vitoria for groups (minimum 6 students).

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One to One Spanish lessons in Spain

One to one Spanish language training with a Spanish tuition program that specially adapts to your level of Spanish and which keeps up with your rhythm, your language learning strategies and the subjects and topics you need.
You have the possibility of combining the one to one Spanish lessons with the General Spanish Courses or taking one to one Spanish course on its own.

  • There are One to One Spanish courses on different subjects:
    • One to One General Spanish,
    • One to One Business Spanish,
    • One to One Exam preparation or
    • you can have a Spanish course Custom designed with the subjects that interest you most.

If you are two or three students with the same Spanish level and similar Spanish learning interests, you can share the private Spanish lessons.

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Intensive Spanish course + Internship placement

Study Spanish and Internship program for students in Spain allows students to apply your Spanish skills in a business setting and to gain valuable work experience for your professional future.
Student internship in spain is an Internship program for students, over 20 years old. Spanish and Internship program runs all year long, and you can start every Monday. For Summer Internship it is necesarry to book the Internship at least 8 weeks before the starting date. 2 or 4 weeks Spanish course plus 2 to 6 months student internship placement in Spanish company in Alicante or Vitoria and surrounding areas.

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