Transfer service for students learning Spanish in Spain

Transfer service for students learning Spanish in Spain

Zador provides a 24-hour pick-up service on request to go directly to the accommodation Upon request, a pick-up service is available from the airport, train or bus/coach station.
The cost for this service varies depending on the time and place of arrival or departure as well as the age of the participant and if he/she is flying as an unaccompanied minor (UM).

Many people who are accustomed to travel prefer organising their own trip.

If this is your case, consult the corresponding section depending on your destination:

Nevertheless, other students who come from far away may prefer a representative of the school to pick them up at the airport and bring them directly to their place of accommodation.

If this is your case, fill in the corresponding section in the enrolment form, specifying clearly the Airline, the flight number, the date and time o f your arrival. Since both airports are small, you will quickly see a person with your name who will be waiting for you when you exit the terminal.

The prices are per distance and one way only. For 3 people travelling together, you can share the transfer price. For more than three people, consult us.

Arrival "normal" transfer

Alicante airport and the train and coach stations are small, campers will quickly see a person with a name sign waiting at the terminal exit (only one in Alicante airport).

Arrival transfer for UM

Please inform us if the camper will travel as an unaccompanied mi-nor (UM) in order to organise the pick-up and drop-off service. Please take into account that if you do not notify us, the airline will not allow your child to leave the terminal.

Departure "normal" transfer

Campers must leave the hotelor the host family 3 hours before their flight, 2 hours before their train or 1 hour before their bus departure. Please, take these times into account when booking the tickets. A person working on behalf of Zador will accompany your child during check-in

Departure transfer for UM

The name, address, phone number and passport number of the person collecting the minor at the destination airport must be provided.

Transfer service form

If you want to book transfer service for your kid, you will be supplied with a form to inform us about the travel details.