Spanish language school in Alicante Spain

Spanish School in Alicante

ZadorSpain Alicante Spanish language school offers Spanish language courses to learn Spanish in Alicante and other language services such as written translations and interpretation.

Zador Spanish language school in Alicante occupies the first floor of a restored historical building, situated right in the Alicante city centre.

Alicante Spanish school is at 14, AVENIDA DE LA CONSTITUCIÓN, near the corner of the Alfonso X el Sabio Street, between the Central Marketplace and the city’s Principal Theatre.

The Zador Alicante Spanish school premises comply with all the legal requirements and are accessible to for the disabled.

“Pleasant and welcoming language school where you will certainly enjoy learning Spanish”

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The Spanish language center is very well situated. It is 7-10 minutes on foot from the beach, in a very dynamic and commercial area of Alicante. The market, the theatre, the shops, cafés, restaurants and terraces create a lively atmosphere at any time of the day or night.

Spanish language school in Alicante premises

The rooms have high ceilings, glass windows and doors, glazed tiles covering the walls and ancient ceramics on the floor (typical on the Mediterranean coast). This setting gives Zador Spanish language school the style of the early 20th century houses, with a modern touch in its furniture and decor at the classrooms.

  • Reception area: An ample reception area, where you will fi nd a sofa and to relax during the breaks between your Spanish lessons. Here you will also fi nd a great deal of tourist information about Alicante.
  • Office & Staff to help you: An office where there will always be someone to inform you about the Spanish courses, the options for your accommodation, the activities in Alicante and surrounding cities and all the information and support you need.
  • 8 classrooms each decorated, in a diff erent style: the glazed tiles class-room, the bay window class-room, the glass window classroom... all pleasant and welcoming, where you will certainly enjoy working and learning Spanish language.
  • Other services: Rest room to read a book or magazine or relax during breaks between your Spanish lessons and chat with your friends.Ccomputer area, from which you can send and receive your emails. Free WIFI access at the school.

Alicante Spanish language school capacity

The maximum capacity of the Spanish school is of about 100 students in morning and afternoon shifts. The average number of students is 60. Most students come during the summer – in June and July and the least come in December, January and February.