Spanish & Windsurfing camp for teenagers in Spain

Windsurfing Camp in Alicante Spain for teenagers

Windsurfing camp in Spain for teenagers with all inclusive: Windsurfing Camp in a Sea School, Spanish lessons for teens, full board Residential or Homestay accommodation, activities and excursions, and insurance. Transfer on request.

2 to 8 week Spanish course plus Windsurfing Camp for Teenagers with Spanish teens in July and August in Alicante, Mediterranean Coast of Spain.

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Spanish and Windsurfing Summer Camp for 2, 3, 4… up to 8 week for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old in July and August in Alicante.

WINDSURFING Summer Camp for teenagers in Spain includes:

Windsurfing Camp for teens Spain

  • Windsurfing lessons in Sea School in Alicante
  • Spanish course for teenagers with 3 Spanish lessons per day from Monday to Friday in the afternoon
  • Full board Residential or Host family accommodation
  • Cultural visits, trips and other activities, where teenagers will be accompanied by a group leader
  • 1 full day excursion per week, usually on Saturday
  • 1 day walking tour in Alicante and games in one of the beaches in Alicante, usually on Sunday
  • Local transports tickets
  • Tickets for the museums, monuments, amusement parks…
  • Transfer from/to Alicante airport on request
  • Travel, accident and medical insurance
  • Group leaders sleep at the Hotel/Dormitory, accompany teenagers to the Windsurfing School, have lunch with them at the Sea School Restaurant, coordinate the movements of the group, check eating habits of campers, and conflict resolution, work for the safety of the campers and have meetings every day with Zador School Director. There is one group leader every 10/15 students.

Windsurfing lessons for teenagers in Alicante

Sailing Summer Camp Spain

Windsurfing Summer Camp with 3 hours every morning from Monday to Friday to learn Windsurfing in a Sea School in Alicante.

It is maybe true that windsurfing requires lots of patience, dedication and a certain degree of sacrifice to start with. But it is also true that when the first step is done, we will be ready to enjoy one of the most pleasant water sports.

In the windsurfing summer camp you will find all the necessary to learn and practice windsurfing in ideal conditions.

Funny and exciting, young people learn how to windsurf with balance exercises and many baths.

Once they are able to navigate, they learn to plane and to play with waves. They will be always supervised by a trainer on a safety boat.

Windsurfing levels in the Summer Camp

Summer Camp with various Windsurfing levels:
— Windsurfing for beginners
— Windsurf lessons level II
— Windsurf lessons level III

Windsurfing course for beginners
Number of hours: 15-17 hours per week 
Type of boat: Race board
Required level of sailing: None. 
Course suited to complete beginners or for those that have only sailed a little. 
Windsurfing course for beginners: Directed and supervised by qualified instructors with extensive experience, participants will learn the basics of windsurfing, stand on the boat and sail control —learning how to balance your weight on the board—, speed, be able to hold the balance; learning how to steer the board by maneuvering the sail rig; rotate the board under the veil; find out where the wind comes, pulling the sail from the water, being able to go rowing, turning the board 180 degrees by turning into the wind (upwind); make a tackle, make a half-hitch, make an inventory of the equipment. 
Once you have mastered these points of sail, you can sail off in any direction and return back from where you started.
One week windsurfing course minimum is needed to pass this level.

Windsurfing course level 2
Number of hours: 15-17 hours per week 
Type of boat: Race board
Required level of windsurfing: Being able to navigate board with a level of Initial level.
For young windsurfers who already have some basic sailing.
Windsurf course program : 
For those who have practiced windsurfing and want to improve. They learn to control the sail, turning, increase speed; to summarize, to feel more comfortable on board and enjoy windsurfing: learning how to tack quickly and efficiently through more aggressive sail maneuvering; learning how to gybe efficiently in light to moderate winds; learning how to effectively counter-balance your weight against the sail rig; mastering a more efficient stance; learning how to sail with a harness; learning how to step up onto the board to get underway in shallow water.

2 weeks minimum with windsurfing lessons are recommended to automate the necessary skills and to pass to level 3.

Windsurfing course level 3
Number of hours: 15-17 hours per week 
Type of boat: Race board
Required level of windsurfing: Be able to use the harness, easily navigate at all speeds and completely master the basic maneuvers. 
For those who can control the boat and actively contribute to the running of the board. 
Improvement windsurfing program: 
—Footstrap Sailing: learning to sal in the footstraps is a prerequisite to learning the high speed carved gybe, and will significantly improve control and speed in strong winds.
—Deep Waterstart: mastering the deep waterstart is essential if you wish to conquer shortboard sailing; 
—The Carve Gybe: to attempt a carve gybe you must be able to sail the board on a 'plane' using the footstraps;
—Adaptation to the weather.

2-3 weeks minimum with windsurfing lessons are recommended to automate the necessary skills and to pass to the next level.

Sea School

    Alicante Spain: Mediterranean cuisine

    This small Nautical Club has a long history.

    It was founded in 1973 near Alicante by a group of enthusiasts of water sports trying to spread their passion for the sea.

    Alicante Costa Blanca Nautical Club is located to the North of the bay, just near the Albufereta Beach, sheltered by the sea on a plain sea area.

    Surrounded by beaches on a safe and quiet bay, the Sea School is the perfect place for teens to start or continue their relationship with the waves and the wind.

    Nautical Club is an organisation officially approved by the Valencia Sailing Federation and, therefore, it follows the obligatory parameters in training, safety, material, and facilities: a trainer for every seven students, safety boats, own sea area limited by the coastal authorities, different boat types, safety coordinator, etc.

    Windsurfing School of the Costa Blanca Nautical Club has a qualified and highly experienced team; trainers are, in many cases, elite competitors with an important sports curriculum.

    The Sea School is opened the whole year round and organises summer camps during the summer months, with different difficulty levels. These camps are directed by expert trainers and offer all safety guarantees:

    Nautical Club facilities have showers and changing rooms, activity room, and classrooms for theory lessons with different audiovisual means, as well as café and restaurant.