Insurance for your study abroad program in Spain

Insurance for your study abroad program in Spain

All the students must have health, accident and personal liability insurance for their stay learning Spanish in Spain.

All participants at the Summer Camps for Juniors and Children are covered by a private health, accident, travel and civil liability insurance included in the camp fees.

As for the health insurance, medical care is free for citizens of the European Union. If this is your case, you can obtain information in the institution equivalent to the Social Security in your country. You must bring the E-111 form.

If you are an adult student from a country that is not a member of the European Union, find out about it, because there are collaboration agreements with other countries as regards to medical care.

If you have no health, accident or personal liability insurance, you can contract one in your own country or contract the insurance through ZADOR, which has an agreement with an Insurance company.

You can download the Insurance Cover from the link.

Cancellation Insurance Policy

If required, participants may take out an optional cancellation insurance policy. You can find out more about the scales of cancellation cover and grounds for claim by downloading the file under the following link: Cancellation insurance