Football Camp for kids in Alicante Spain

Football Camp for Kids in Alicante Spain

Football Summer camp for children in the morning, Spanish lessons for kids in the afternoon, full board host family accommodation, high level of supervision, activities and insurance in a Football summer camp for children (8-13 years old) in Alicante.

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2 to 4 week Footbal camp for kids in July for kids from 8 to 13 years old in a soccer summer camp with Spanish children.

FOOTBALL Camp for KIDS includes:

Tennis camp for kids Spain

Football Summer camp for kids from 9:30–14:00 (around 100 children, mainly Spanish children) with specialised football coaches:

  • Key aspects of the football technique as well as personal improvement for field players and goalkeepers.
  • Improvement of the goal shot (children); improvement of the attacking and defensive phases (elder players).
  • Special training sessions for goalkeepers: review of technical aspects (parry, making a save, aerial game, etc.) for younger goalkeepers and improvement of both offensive and aerial games for upper level goalkeepers.
  • Individual technique and tactic.
  • Teamwork, strategy.

Football Camp in Alicante Schedule

Football Camp for kids in Alicante Spain

This Football Camp focuses on improving the 3 main points to become a good football player: technique, understanding of the game and physical condition.

10.30 am - SNACK
2.00 pm - SHOWER

Football Summer Camp for Children Objectives

Football Camp for kids in Alicante Spain

Apart from group sessions, the following aspects will be improved for each single field player:

  • Offensive and defensive games.
  • Insight of the game and prompt decision making.
  • Interpretation of the match.
  • Keeping and gaining possession of the ball.
  • Imbalance in the defense.
  • Game without the ball, cross-overs and strenght. Judgement and intelligence.
  • Taking risks or not: how, when and where. Control of the match time, avoiding any rush. Anticipating consequences of any decisions. Being adaptable to the opponent's game. Being aware of ones' own limitations. Easy game and playing for the team.
  • One-on-one game. - Overlapping run.
  • Offensive head game.
  • Pressure on the ball.
  • Offensive techiques in numerical disadvantage.

Football Summer Camp for Children Premises

Tennis camp for kids Spain

All the sporting activities take place in the excellent premises of Alicante City Hall, specifically in the Tossal Mountain, behind "Jose Rico Perez Stadium", the Stadium of the Hercules CF, the Football Team of Alicante. There are 8 football courts, 1 indoor soccer court, 1 athletic track, 2 semi-covered sports centres, a swimming pool and paddle courts.