Spanish courses for Kids in Spain

Spanish course for Kids in Alicante Spain

From Monday to Friday after taking part in the choosen Sport Camp with Spanish kids in the morning -tennis, football, water sports or multi-activity camp- and having lunch at the Sport Club, kids have three Spanish classes per day at Zador language School with experienced language teachers.

Spanish Lessons for kids are in small groups with a maximum of 7 children per classroom to ensure that they receive personalised teaching.

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Spanish course for children specially adapted to their age and language learning interests and strategies.
Spanish courses for children in small groups with a maximum of seven kids every afternoon Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 18:30.

Spanish language course for CHILDREN:

Spanish Summer Camps for kids Spain

  • Spanish language method adapted to the children's age.
  • A rewarding and attractive design makes the Spanish classes for kids dynamic and gives the children the opportunity to be key players in their own language learning process.
  • Spanish lessons for kids with games, comics, songs, handicrafts, theatre, videos, treasure hunt, etc.
  • Spanish lessons for children in small groups

    Spanish Summer Camps for kids Alicante Spain

    • A maximum of seven children per class is a real bonus with lots of teacher attention and plenty of opportunities to speak.

    A fun Spanish course for Children

    Spanish Summer Camps for kids Spain
    • The aim of our Spanish lessons for children is to create a fun environment for children to learn Spanish, creating real communicative situations.
    • Our learning system develops children abilities by approaching the various facets of the language in a complete way: to hear, to read, to write and more especially, to speak.
    • Spanish lessons are complemented with other activities such as cupcakes lessons, clue game near the school, dance lesson or pottery lesson.

    Spanish course for Children features:

    Spanish Summer Camps for kids Spain
  • Spanish lessons last 45 minutes and kids receive the book and lesson material.
  • Spanish levels: From Beginners to Intermediate.
  • Duration: 2, 4, or 6 weeks.
  • Classes timetable Spanish lessons in the afternoon. 16:00- 18:30 usually.
  • Teaching material Material and/or book included in the Course price.
  • Age 8 - 13 years old.
  • Above all, we want kids to enjoy their Spanish learning experience in Spain