Spanish language courses for groups in Spain

Spanish Sports Cultural Educational Programmes for groups in Spain

Which are the advantages of these Spanish courses for closed groups?

Groups could tailor the language stay in Spain to suit their interests, choosing:

  • The number of lessons of Spanish per day
  • A Spanish teaching program that meets your learning needs and preferences. The issues you are interested in learning focosing on vocabulary, grammar, culture, teaching strategies, business words, etc.
  • The Spanish course starting date, taking into account that all the students in the group must start on the same date.
  • The type of accommodation you want: host family, apartments, residence, hotel or rural guest house.
  • The activities, cultural and sport activities, the excursions and trips you want to take. If you want to discover new and hidden places in the Valencia region or in the Basque Country, you can combine the Spanish course with walks through the mountains, visits to small villages and secluded places. If you want to try new experiences, you can choose and combine as you wish, the sporting activities; if you want to taste new flavours, you can test your palates by enjoying a Spanish course that combines Spanish language courses with gastronomy and tasting wine course…
  • In addition, there are significant discounts on the prices of these courses as well as those and in the general programme.

Who are these Spanish courses in Spain for?

  • Teachers of Spanish who want to come with students.
  • A group of Spanish students who want to manage on your own.
  • Firms or companies whose workers need to learn Spanish for their jobs.
  • Families or a group of friends who want to have a linguistic stay in Spain.

What is necessary for a Spanish Programme for a Group?

  • Have a minimum of 5 students for adult students and a minimum of 10 teenagers or kids for High-school or college students.
  • For groups of 2, 3 or 4 students with the same level of Spanish, we have a solution for you too, send us an email to consult our special offers
  • Inform ZADOR language schools of the level of each student and of the number of students per level, in order to be able to determine the budget.
  • Groups of under-aged students must be accompanied by an adult in charge, or have written authorisation from their parents or legal guardians.