Spanish Internship in Spain

Intensive Spanish courses + Internship in Spain

Study Spanish and Internship programme in Spain allows University students to apply their Spanish skills in a business setting and to gain valuable work experience for their professional future.

Spanish Internship in Spain

  • Student internship in Spain is an Internship programme for students over 20 years old.
  • Spanish and Internship programme runs all year long, and you can start every Monday.
  • For Summer Internship it is necesarry to book the Internship at least 8 weeks before the starting date.
  • 2 or 4 weeks Spanish course plus 2 to 6 months student internship placement in Spanish company in Alicante or Vitoria and surrounding areas.

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Spanish + Internship program in Spain has a minimum duration of 10 weeks and consists of:

  • A minimum period of 2 week intensive Spanish course (20 lessons per week of General Intensive Spanish Course in a small group).
  • From 8 to 22 weeks of unpaid internship placement in companies, with a minimum of 20 hours of work per week and a maximum of 35.

Students communicate in an effective and practical way within a Spanish-speaking business environment, thereby learning the use of the business vocabulary they were already familiar with in their mother tongue, or learning the specialised vocabulary in a new field.

To enroll in the Internship Programme in Spain, you need at least an Intermediate Spanish level (B1-B2 or level 5) before starting the Internship Programme. If you do not have the required Spanish level, you can take a General Spanish Course or a Super-Intensive Course of longer duration before starting the internship placement.

For further details on the conditions for admission in Internship Placement in Spain, the registration process and the conditions during the internship placement, see the Internship Placement Requirements.

Spanish + Internship Placement Price includes:

  • Spanish lessons specified for 2 or 4 weeks.
  • Finding and Selection of the company for the internship placement.
  • Curriculum vitae review, cover letter and interview training.
  • Meeting with the internship coordinator every 2 weeks.
  • Level Test and personal interview on the first day.
  • Certificate of Completion for the Spanish course and internship program.
  • Assistance in finding accommodation for the 2 or 4 weeks course or for the whole stay.
  • Accident insurance during the internship period.

Spanish + Internship Price does not include

  • Accommodation.
  • Transport to the working centre.


Destinations: Spanish School in Alicante and Vitoria
Starting dates: Every Monday.
Spanish Levels Minimum level: Intermediate Spanish level. (Please enquire if you have lower Spanish level)
Duration 8 weeks minimum (2 week Intensive Spanish + 8 week Internship).
Lessons per day 4 Intensive Spanish lessons per day learning Spanish in a group.
Lessons per week 20 Intensive Spanish lessons per week
Lesson Duration 45 minutes per lesson.
Classes schedule Intensive Spanish lessons are generally held in the morning. Nonetheless, depending on your Spanish language evel, you may have morning or afternoon shift classes (The Spanish language school assigns the class timetable).
First day Spanish lessons The first day of the Intensive Spanish course you must arrive 15 minutes ahead of the regular Spanish classes schedule. Written level test followed by an interview to know the Spanish level.
Material Material and/or book not included in the price of the Intensive Spanish course...
Students per group Maximum of 7 and minimum of 3 students per group.
Destinations: Most of our internship placements are based in Alicante and Vitoria and surrounding areas.
Fields for Internships Spanish Translation Internship
Marketing Internship
Language teaching Internship
Medical Internship
Tourism Internship
Hospitality Internship
Bank Internship - Financial services
Travel Agency Internship
Real Estate Internship
Graphic Design Internship - Graphic Arts
Wine Internship in La Rioja
Internship duration From 8 to 22 weeks Internship in Spain.
Minimum Spanish level Intermediate level of Spanish.
Working hours/week Between 20 and 35 hours per week.
Remuneration Unpaid internship placement. Some companies give a reward during or at the end of the internship, but it is at the company’s discretion.
Enrolment Minimum 6 weeks before starting the Spanish Course

Requirements, admission process and development of Spanish + Internship Program in Spain


Spanish + Internships in Spain: Admission Conditions

  • The student must enrol in a Spanish Course for a minimum period of 2 weeks.

  • At the end of the Intensive Spanish course and before starting the internship period, the student’s level must be equivalent to the Intermediate level of the Instituto Cervantes (B2) In order to determine the level, the student must pass a test similar to that of the Instituto Cervantes (Level 6).

    If the student does not meet the required level, he or she will not be able to start the internship period, and in this case, he or she will decide whether he or she wants to continue with the Spanish classes in order to start the internship period later. Therefore, we recommend having an Intermediate Level (level 5) in all linguistic skills before coming, or to take a longer General Spanish course before starting Spanish + Internship programme in Spain.

  • Minimum age is 20 years old.

  • The student is required to have a High School Diploma. It is preferable if the student has started his/her University Studies or Vocational Training Studies
  • Ability to perform effectively in a Spanish language work environment.

  • Basic computer knowledge: Word, Excel, Access, Internet, Photoshop and design programs for those who want the internship in Graphic Design or Advertising companies.

  • The student has to send a curriculum vitae (with photo) and a cover letter describing his or her language skills, studies, professional experience and the expectations regarding the internship, prior to his or her arrival and a document showing his or her student’s status. (Send two letters of reference from companies for which he or she has worked (advisable, but not compulsory).

  • Send a medical certificate.

  • Enroll between at least 6 to 8 weeks before the starting date of the Spanish course.

  • Have medical and liability insurance. The student can contract the insurance in his or her own country or in Spain, or contract the insurance through Zador.

  • Have a phone interview.

Spanish + Internship enrolment procedure

The registration procedure for the Work and Study Courses has the following steps:

  1. Enroll, between at least 6 to 8 weeks before the starting date of Intensive Spanish course.

  2. Send the enrolment forms for the Spanish course and the enrolment for the internship programme with the documents indicated above.

  3. Pay a 150 Euro as a deposit or the total amount for Spanish + Internship in Spain.

  4. Have a phone interview with the person in charge at ZADOR.

  5. After receiving the report from ZADOR on the level of Spanish and the possibilities of doing the internship, the student must sign the Internship contract, in which the place, job, timetable and other details are specified. Return the contract to ZADOR by post.

  6. Make the payment of the rest of the Spanish + internship programme.

Requirements during the internship period in Spain

During the internship period, the requirements are:

  • Work a minimum of 20 hours up to 35 hours per week.
  • Show flexibility and adaptability.
  • Have a meeting with the tutor of ZADOR every 2 weeks.
  • Prepare a project on his or her task in the company.
  • The students cannot change companies during the internship, except in very special cases.

Content of the Spanish + Internship in Spain

  • Spanish course of at least 2 weeks duration.
  • Internship preparation with the Zador coordinator: curriculum and cover letter review and the necessary consultations with the coordinator before and during the internship programme.
  • Preparation of the internship material: Internship Hand Book (orientation to internships, cross-cultural understanding with some rules for Social Business, telephone etiquette, interview techniques, curriculum vitae model and computer basics).
  • Internship placement and co-ordination.
  • Accommodation search during the Spanish course and the Internship Programme, if the student requests so.
  • Meetings and consultations with the coordinator.
  • Performance evaluation and letter of recommendation from the Host Company.
  • Evaluation test at the end of the internship programme.
  • ZADOR Work and Study Programme Certificate of Completion