General Spanish courses for adults in Spain

General Spanish courses for adults in Spain

Short term or long term General Spanish courses for adults in Spain, in Alicante or Vitoria with communicative focus to learn to speak Spanish.

General Spanish courses Features

Courses in mini group

There is a maximum 7 students per group.

Variety of language skill

Speaking and Fluency, Listening and Reading Comprehension, Writing.

Communicative methodology

To learn Spanish as fast and effectively as possible.

Great focus on oral skills

To develop your ability to communicate fluently, accurately and efficiently in Spanish language.

Premium Features

General Spanish courses always are in small groups with a maximum of 7 students per classroom. Thus General Spanish Courses will:

  • allow you to get the most from our personalized teaching,
  • facilitate active and dynamic participation in class,
  • maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques, thus facilitating your ability to speak Spanish fluently.

Nevertheless, our General Spanish Courses go far beyond that: they are an opportunity to learn about Spanish culture as well as a meeting point for people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures trying to find out more about Spanish habits, traditions, national celebrations ( the “fiestas” ) and ways of living in Spain.

Short Spanish courses in Spain

Short Term Spanish courses for adults in Spain for learning Spanish language from 2 to 12 weeks.

Adult Spanish courses where Spanish language is studied in a global way, providing a solid basis in Spanish grammar, vocabulary and communicative functions. Four skills are developed in the Spanish lessons: listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing.

We offer four types of General Spanish language courses for adults either in Alicante or Vitoria:

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Long term Spanish Immersion programs in Spain

Long Term Adult Spanish courses: Term, Semester, Academic Year for learning Spanish language from 12 to 60 weeks.

An investment in your future to learn to speak Spanish. Spanish study abroad programs from 12 to 60 weeks, in which will improve your Spanish level substantially, as well as have an understanding of the social and cultural reality in Spain. These Spanish courses prepare you to get by in a Spanish-speaking world.

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One to One Spanish lessons in Spain

One to one Spanish language training with a Spanish tuition program that specially adapts to your level of Spanish and which keeps up with your rhythm, your language learning strategies and the subjects and topics you need.
You have the possibility of combining the one to one Spanish lessons with the General Spanish Courses or taking one to one Spanish course on its own.

  • There are One to One Spanish courses on different subjects:
    • One to One General Spanish,
    • One to One Business Spanish,
    • One to One Exam preparation or
    • you can have a Spanish course Custom designed with the subjects that interest you most.

If you are two or three students with the same Spanish level and similar Spanish learning interests, you can share the private Spanish lessons.

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