Super Intensive Spanish courses in Spain

Super Intensive Spanish courses for adults in Spain

5 Spanish language lessons per day to learn to speak Spanish fast. With Super Intensive Spanish courses in Alicante or Vitoria you will have:

  • In addition to the 20 Intensive Spanish lessons per week of General Spanish Courses in a mini-group,
  • 5 lessons of one-to-one Spanish training per week, thereby giving you the possibility to work on the aspects of the Spanish language you want during one lesson each day and to learn Spanish fast.

Super Intensive Spanish courses in Spain

After the General Intensive Spanish Courses, Super intensive Spanish course is the type of Spanish courses the students select most, since the combination of Spanish group classes with one-to-one Spanish classes makes it adaptable to the necessities of any kind of Spanish student.

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You can attend Super Intensive Spanish courses all year round in our language Schools in Alciante or Vitoria regardless of your Spanish language level, from Spanish beginning to proficiency.

  • Super Intensive Spanish language courses can be adapted to students who learn Spanish with academic objectives, as well as to those students who do it for professional or personal reasons.
  • Super Intenisve Spanish courses are geared towards Spanish students who wish to speed up their rate of Spanish learning in order to move on to the next Spanish level in the shortest possible time, or to students who have difficulties following the rhythm of their group but would like to stay in it.

The minimum duration of Super Intensive Spanish courses is 1 week and the maximum 60 (if you want to learn Spanish just one week, consult the section One-to-one Spanish courses and if you are coming to learn Spanish for 12 weeks or more, consult the section Long term Spanish courses).

  • You can select Super Intensive Spanish Course for your whole stay in Spain or for part of it.

When you enrol in Super Intensive Spanish course, please fill in an Interests and necessities form, indicating the aspects you would like to work on in the one-to-one Spanish classes. That way, we can elaborate a Spanish learning plan together, with a clearly defined calendar and objectives.

Destinations: Spanish School in Alicante and Vitoria
Starting dates: Every Monday. Spanish for beginners the first Monday of every month.
Spanish Levels 8 Spanish language levels (from Spanish for Beginners to Spanish Proficiency).
Duration Super Intensive Spanish language programs from 1 week.
Lessons per day 4 Spanish lessons per day learning Spanish in a small group plus 1 One on One Spanish lesson
Lessons per week 25 Spanish lessons per week learning Spanish
Lesson Duration 45 minutes per lesson.
Classes schedule Super Intensive Spanish courses are generally held in the morning. Nonetheless, depending on your Spanish language evel, you may have morning or afternoon shift classes (The Spanish language school assigns the class timetable).
First day Spanish lessons The first day of the Super Intensive Spanish course you must arrive 15 minutes ahead of the regular Spanish classes schedule. Written level test followed by an interview to know the Spanish level.
Material Material and/or book not included in the privice of the Super Intense Spanish course.
Students per group Maximum of 7 and minimum of 3 students per group and private lessons.