Communicative Spanish language courses in Spain

Communicative method for your Spanish immersion programme in Spain

This is our main objective: to ensure that your Spanish immersion course at ZADOR, Spanish language schools, either in Vitoria or in Alicante, be a step forward in your Spanish language learning, and thereby, to increase and improve your own opportunities for the future.

“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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Communicative Spanish lessons to learn to speak Spanish

In order to reach this learning objective, during the Spanish lessons, which are all in Spanish language, we insist on the communicative function of the language, developing your capacity to read and write, and above all to understand and speak Spanish language.

Speak Spanish is not just saying “words” in Spanish language, but how you say them. This is why we work on the Spanish pronunciation, intonation and rhythm. Moreover, as you may know, Spaniards frequently use their hands as they speak, so the gestures used to accompany the message we want to transmit are also learned.

On the other hand, to learn speak Spanish implies knowing the customs, the traditions, the culture, and the Spanish history. In sum, there is a Spanish way of life, to which we also pay attention.

In this way, taking into account these criteria and the recommendations proposed by the Cervantes Institute and the European Council, ZADOR students work on:

Spanish communicative functions
Spanish vocabulary
Spanish grammar
Spanish cultural topics

Our Spanish language courses are structured into eight levels of Spanish language.

Each level is a Spanish course within itself, divided into modules and units. These units include: functional, grammatical and lexical sections, with tasks and exercises designed to develop comprehension, speaking and writing skills, as well as pronunciation and intonation in Spanish language.

The themes in the Spanish lessons are varied and wide-ranging: everyday life in Spain; the social, cultural, economic, political and geographic reality in Spain, as well as the major current events.

In conclusion, we offer an active and dynamic method for your Spanish lessons, which is constantly revised and adapted to the new systems, techniques and teaching methods, as well as to the new circumstances in the present world to learn speak Spanish.

"Attaining communicative fluency in Spanish language by means of the systematic execution of tasks during the Spanish lessons, based on the continuous speaking practice of grammatical structures, vocabulary and everyday interactive functions in Spanish language."