Spanish teachers at Zador Spanish language schools in Spain

Communicative method for your Spanish immersion programme in Spain

Spanish teachers at Zador Spanish language schools in Spain, another team-member in your Spanish lessons.

“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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The Spanish teachers at ZADOR Spanish language schools in Alicante and Vitoria are professionals with University degrees and a solid background in teaching Spanish to foreigners from the most diverse nationalities.

Thanks to their qualification in Spanish language and/or Spanish History, their experience teaching Spanish, interest, motivation and their capacity to put themselves at the Spanish student’s place, your teachers will be:

The organizers of the Spanish classes, who will plan the grammatical and functional structures, the Spanish vocabulary, the conventionalisms and the rules you will need according to your improvement.

Your guides in your Spanish learning, who, before starting any activity, will explain how it works and what you have to do, in a clear and concise way.

The advisers, who will reach an agreement with you on, for example, which are the most useful topics, vocabulary and activities, as well as the work methods you can follow, for your Spanish language learning.

The observers who in some cases will take your place and participate as another student in the communication activities, the role-plays, the presentations, simulations and all kinds of dynamics and games during the Spanish lessons.

The motivators who will provide you with the necessary support and encouragement and who will lead you during your entire Spanish course so that you can make the most of your Spanish language learning.

The moderators in some activities, even though in many cases they will share this task with you.

The evaluators of your Spanish learning who will continuously inform you about your progress, your strong and week points.

"In sum, your Spanish teacher is a professional and a very close person you can trust. "