Objectives four your Spanish course in Spain

Spanish language learning objectives

To learn to speak Spanish language and to enjoy your Spanish learning Programme in Spain, this is the objective of all the people who work at ZADOR Spanish language schools in Spain.

“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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To learn to speak Spanish

To achieve this goal, we make sure our Spanish classes are:

  • Entirely in Spanish, so that you can constantly use the Spanish language to learn to speak spanish.
  • Efficient – so that you can learn Spanish language as quickly as possible.
  • Based on clear and diversified teaching material; since real communication is so diverse, we plan an array of different activities that use various styles and techniques. The learning methods are as varied as the nationalities, ages and personalities of our students.
  • Based on actual communicative reality, taking in account all the elements that intervene in every-day communication.
  • Entertaining, because when we have fun, we are motivated and we learn more.
  • Motivating, so that when you leave the Spanish courses you are eager to continue studying Spanish in other places in Spain or in your country.

As we said in our welcome greeting:

"It means that when the time comes for you to go back home, you will have learned and practiced Spanish so much, that you will want to learn Spanish even more and to keep in touch with the Spanish people, with Spain and with us."

About ZadorSpain

ZadorSpain Spanish schools is a Spanish language company with long and accredited experience teaching languages since 1990. Zadorspain offers two Spanish language schools in Spain: in Alicante, Mediterranean Coast, and Vitoria, Northern Spain.

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  • Phone Vitoria: (+34) 945234895

  • Email: info@zadorspain.com