Spanish Camps in Spain

Spanish course for teenagers in Alicante Spain

From Monday to Friday, participants in the Summer Camps for teens have three English or Spanish classes per day with experienced teachers. Language courses are specifically designed for teenagers and make use of an active, practical and communicative methodology to guarantee that students learn as quickly and effectively as possible.
Lessons are in small groups with a maximum of 7 students per classroom to ensure that students receive personalised teaching. Although students work on a variety of language skills including speaking and fluency, listening and reading comprehension and writing, the predominant focus is on communication skills.

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Teenagers go every day from Monday to Friday to Zador Spanish School to attend a special Spanish language course for teens from 16:00 to 18:30 h.

Zador Spanish language school in Alicante occupies the first floor of a restored historical building, situated right in the Alicante city centre.

The Spanish language school is very well situated. It is 7-10 minutes on foot from the beach, in a very dynamic and commercial area of Alicante city centre.

Our General Spanish immersion courses for teenagers make use of an active, practical and communicative methodology to guarantee that students learn Spanish as fast and effectively as possible.

Spanish language course for teenagers:

  • Teenagers work on a variety of skills: Speaking and Fluency, Interaction, Listening and Reading Comprehension, Writing.
  • There is a great focus on oral skills so that teenagers develop an ability to communicate in Spanish language.
  • Nevertheless, Spanish lessons for teens go far beyond that: they are an opportunity to learn about Spanish culture as well as a meeting point for people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures trying to find out more about Spanish habits, traditions, national celebrations (the “fiestas”) and ways of living in Spain.
  • Junior students learn Spanish in small groups, with a maximum of 7 kids per class.
  • Spanish lessons in small groups

    • Spanish classes in mini group allow to get the most from our personalized language teaching,
    • facilitate active and dynamic participation in class,
    • maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques, thus facilitating the ability to speak Spanish fluently.

    Spanish course for Teenagers features

    • Spanish lessons last 45 minutes and in all the Junior Programmes students receive the book and lesson material.
    • Spanish levels: From Beginners to Advanced.
    • Duration: 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.
    • Classes timetable Spanish lessons in the afternoon. 16:00- 18:30 usually.
    • Teaching material Material and/or book included in the Course price.
    • Age 14 - 17 years old.
    • Requirements None.
    • Spanish course description “Above all, we want students to enjoy their Spanish learning experience in Spain."
    • To achieve this goal, Spanish classes are: Entirely in Spanish, so that teens can constantly use Spanish language. Efficient - so that you can learn as quickly as possible. Based on actual communicative reality, Entertaining, because when we have fun, we are motivated and we learn more.