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We offer you two very different destinations in Spain to study Spanish: one in the North, in the Green Spain of forests and vineyards - Vitoria; and the other on the Mediterranean coast, in the Blue Spain of the Mediterranean Sea - Alicante. You can come to one of the language schools or to both of them combining your stay in Spain to make it even more enriching.
In both Spanish language schools we offer you various programmes to study Spanish and enjoy your holidays in Spain, accommodation, a considerable range of social, cultural and sports activities and all the necessary support to make your stay in Spain a success.
Studying in another country is an unforgettable experience. Even many years later, we continue speaking about it: we go from “I do not understand a word” to... “I do not want to go home yet”.
New words, new knowledge, new customs, new places, new food, and new friends… ―everything implies a discovery that will enrich you.
In sum, this new knowledge coupled with an exciting personal experience will lead you towards a new academic, professional or personal future according to your interests and needs.
When the time comes for you to go back home, you will have learned and practiced Spanish so much, that you will want to learn even more and to keep in touch with the Spanish people, with Spain and with us. A slogan promoting our land says: “come and spread the word”; we are sure this will apply to you as well!
We hope you like this website and, above all that you find it useful and easy to read.
Finally, the only thing left to say is that we remain available for any questions, requests or suggestions, and, of course, enrolments!
We send you our best regards.
A. Rz. de Garibay ZadorSpain Director

Why choose ZADOR Spanish language Schools in Alicante Vitoria ?

ZadorSpain Features

Experience in teaching Spanish

Teaching Spanish language since 1990 in Vitoria and since 2004 in Alicante

Two family-run Spanish language Schools

Welcoming, pleasant, medium-sized and well-equipped Spanish language schools

Quality Spanish language tuition

We are committed to providing high quality and personalised Spanish language teaching.

Fully qualified language teachers

Fully qualified specialists in the teaching of Spanish language for foreigners from a communicative approach.

Small Spanish language classes

Students are taught in small groups with no more than 7 per class.

Varied Programme of Spanish Courses

All year-round Spanish language courses for adults, holiday Spanish courses for adults, sports and Spanish language summer camps for teenagers and children with Spanish kids in July and August, and language and cultural group trips.

Complete services

Carefully chosen homestays, residences, apartaments and flats visited regularly by our staff. Engaging activity programme to enjoy your stay in Spain. Insurance and transfer services.

in two destinations in Spain...

Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast, in the Blue Spain of the Mediterranean Sea, a richly varied Mediterranean city with wonderful beaches and year- round mild climate.
Vitoria, in the North of Spain, in the Green Spain of the Bay of Biscay, amid forests and vineyards, in the Basque Country, boasts one of Spain’s highest standards of living thanks to its variety of cultural activities, beautiful surroundings, and excellent service.