Spanish course and Windsurfing holidays in Alicante Spain

Spanish and Windsurfing holidays in Alicante Spain

Summer Spanish language course and Windsurfing for adults in July or August 2022:

  • Learn Spanish in Alicante, Costa Blanca
  • Learn windsurfing or improve your windsurfing skills on the Mediterranean Coast
  • Savor Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Discover Alicante and Costa Blanca

Summer Language holiday package to learn Spanish in Alicante and enjoy your Windsurfing holidays in Spain.

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Summer Spanish programme in Alicante combining Spanish language learning and windsurfing lessons in a Sea school in Alicante.

4 Spanish lessons in the morning, windsurfing course (10 hours per week) in the afternoon in a Sea school near Alicante, different options for accommodation, 1 cultural visit per week, 1 tapas lunch or dinner with a Spanish teacher.

1 week to 6 week Spanish course + Windsurfing course in Spain, in Alicante, Costa Blanca, with arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday.

Spanish course in small classes with a maximum of 7 students will:

  • allow you to get the most from our personalized Spanish teaching,
  • facilitate active and dynamic participation in the Spanish class,
  • maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques, thus facilitating your ability to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

In the Spanish language lessons:

  • You work on a variety of skills: Speaking and Fluency, Interaction, Listening and Reading Comprehension, Writing.
  • There is a great focus on oral skills so that you develop an ability to communicate fluently, accurately and efficiently in Spanish language.

Spanish language course:

  • Spanish Levels: 8 Spanish levels (From Spanish for beginners to Spanish for Proficiency)
  • Minimum duration: 1 week Spanish course.
  • Lessons per day: 4 Spanish lessons per day learning Spanish in a group (1 Spanish lessons: 45 minutes).
  • Lessons per week: 20 Spanish lessons per week (15 hours).
  • Material and/or book not included in the price.
  • Timetable: Spanish classes are generally held in the morning. Nonetheless, depending on your Spanish level and the sailing course you may have morning or afternoon shift classes
  • Students per group: Maximum of 7 and minimum of 3 students per group.

Windsurfing course in a Sea school near Alicante, Monday to Friday from 16:00 – 18:00 or Monday to Thursday from 16:00-18:30 with 10 windsurfing lessons per week.

The nautical club can change the windsurfing course schedule mantaining however the number of windsurfing lessons per week. In this case, the Spanish course schedule will change according to the windsurfing course changes.

Various windsurfing levels with professional windsurfing trainers:

Windsurfing Course for beginners:
Number of windsurfing hours: 15-17 hours 
Type of boat: Race board
Required level of sailing: None. 
Course suited to complete beginners or for those that have only sailed a little. 
Windsurfing course for beginners: Directed and supervised by qualified instructors with extensive experience, participants will learn the basics of windsurfing, stand on the boat and sail control —learning how to balance your weight on the board—, speed, be able to hold the balance; learning how to steer the board by maneuvering the sail rig; rotate the board under the veil; find out where the wind comes, pulling the sail from the water, being able to go rowing, turning the board 180 degrees by turning into the wind (upwind); make a tackle, make a half-hitch, make an inventory of the equipment. 
Once you have mastered these points of sail, you can sail off in any direction and return back from where you started.
One week windsurfing course minimum is needed to pass this level.

Windsurfing course level 2
Number of windsurfing hours for this level: 15-17 hours 
Type of boat: Race board
Required level of windsurfing: Being able to navigate board with a level of Initial level.
For young windsurfers who already have some basic sailing.
Windsurf course program : 
For those who have practiced windsurfing and want to improve. They learn to control the sail, turning, increase speed; to summarize, to feel more comfortable on board and enjoy windsurfing: learning how to tack quickly and efficiently through more aggressive sail maneuvering; learning how to gybe efficiently in light to moderate winds; learning how to effectively counter-balance your weight against the sail rig; mastering a more efficient stance; learning how to sail with a harness; learning how to step up onto the board to get underway in shallow water.

2 weeks minimum with windsurfing lessons are recommended to automate the necessary skills and to pass to level 3.

Windsurfing course level 3
Number of windsurfing hours for this level: 15-17 hours 
Type of boat: Race board
Required level of windsurfing: Be able to use the harness, easily navigate at all speeds and completely master the basic maneuvers. 
For those who can control the boat and actively contribute to the running of the board. 
Improvement windsurfing program: 
—Footstrap Sailing: learning to sal in the footstraps is a prerequisite to learning the high speed carved gybe, and will significantly improve control and speed in strong winds.
—Deep Waterstart: mastering the deep waterstart is essential if you wish to conquer shortboard sailing; 
—The Carve Gybe: to attempt a carve gybe you must be able to sail the board on a 'plane' using the footstraps;
—Adaptation to the weather.

2-3 weeks minimum with windsurfing lessons are recommended to automate the necessary skills and to pass to the next level.

There is local tram from the Alicante city center to the Sea School.

Other activities included in the Spanish & Windsurfing holiday programme:

  • 1 local guided visit per week such Santa Barbara Castle, Museums, Archaeological site...
  • 1 Tapas lunch or dinner per week with a teacher of Spanish.
Housing options for Spanish + Windsurfing in Alicante

All housing options are selected and visited regularly and are in the Alicante city centre in a walking distance from the Spanish school.

  • Host Family half board or full board
  • Shared flat single room
  • Shared flat twin room for relatives or friends
  • Apartment for 1 person, 2, 3 or 4 people
  • Hotel ****, Hotel *** , Hotel **
Transfer and Insurance

If you wish, we can also organise the transfer from the Alicante airport to Alicante city center.

if you do not have insurance, we offer you the possibility of contracting an insurance policy through the school. As you know, it is compulsory to have health, accident and personal liability insurance

Destinations: Alicante, Spain
Starting dates: 3, 17 and 31 July, 14 and 28 August. Consult us to start on other date.
Spanish Levels 8 Spanish language levels (from Spanish for Beginners to Spanish Proficiency).
Duration From 1 week to 6 weeks.
Spanish Lessons per day 4 Spanish lessons per day in a mini-group learning General Spanish. (3 hours)
Lessons per week 20 Spanish lessons per week (15 hours)
Windsurfing lessons 10 windsurfing lessons per week.
Lessons schedule Spanish courses are generally held in the morning and windsurfing lessons in the afternoon.
First day Spanish lessons The first day of the Spanish course you must arrive 15 minutes ahead of the regular Spanish classes schedule. Written level test followed by an interview to know the Spanish level.
Material Material and/or book not included in the privice of the Super Intense Spanish course.
Students per group Maximum of 7 and minimum of 3 students per group and private lessons.
Minimum age 18 years old.
Price includes Spanish course, Windsurfing course (10 hours per week), Federation License, 1 guided visit per week, 1 tapas lunch or dinner with a Spanish teacher per week.
Price does not include Accommodation, transfer, insurance and local transports.