Business Spanish course in Spain

Business Spanish course in Spain

Business Spanish course is a complete language immersion for professionals, executives, businesses who need business Spanish language for their jobs, for business travel or their professional future.

  • Yo can study business Spanish at ZadorSpain language school in Alicante or Vitoria.
  • 6 Spanish lessons per day: 4 General Spanish + 2 Business Spanish

Business Spanish courses in Spain

Business Spanish course in Spain is an Intensive language immersion program to learn general Spanish language for 4 lessons a day plus 2 lessons per day business Spanish training and commercial Spanish in mini-group to learn business Spanish vocabulary and themes (finance, management, banking, marketing, sales, accounting...) as well as cultural aspects and business etiquette of the Spanish speaking countries.

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You can learn Business Spanish language all year round in Alicante or in Vitoria language schools, except at Christmas time.

In summer you can combine Business Spanish course with Holiday activity program to learn Spanish and enjoy your vacations in Spain.

Spanish courses for business people, professionals and executives, government organizations, medical, legal, travel professionals and university students of careers related to enterprise, public relations, import and export, trade and business management in general, who need to learn Spanish for their work or their professional future.

The combination of 20 lessons of General Spanish and 10 lessons of Business Spanish training per week will allow you to acquire global skills, plus work on specific vocabulary and terms related to the business management for two classes per day.

During the General Spanish lessons, which are all in Spanish language, teachers insist on the communicative function of the language, developing the students capacity to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish language.

Business Spanish lessons include: functional, grammatical and vocabulary sections, with tasks and exercises designed to develop comprehension, speaking and writing skills, as well as pronunciation and intonation in Spanish language.

The topics in the Spanish lessons are varied and wide-ranging: everyday life in Spain, travelling Spanish, relationships, family, meals, social life, transportation, cultural, economic, political and geographic reality in Spain, as well as the major current events.

The Business Spanish lessons have been specially designed to learn how to communicate in a Business world rather than focusing only on selected grammar rules and individual business terms.

Students learn business Spanish by themes based on what they actually have to do in their work, like:

  • Business Presentations.
  • Telephoning.
  • Meetings.
  • Discussions of texts on commercial topics.
  • Negotiations.
  • Social relations in a business environment: Spanish business etiquette.
  • Correspondence: writing business emails and business letters in Spanish.
  • A general view of the Spanish economy and of some of today’s most important Spanish companies.
  • Analysis of several sectors of the Spanish economy: Companies, Economic sectors, Infrastructures and Transports, Banks, Trade, Tourism...

Spanish business program abroad have a minimum duration of 1 week.

If you want a more personalized Business Program you can select One to One Business Spanish tuition.

You may choose to study Business Spanish for your whole language immersion in Spain or part of it. For the Business Spanish Courses, you must fill in the Questionnaire of Needs and Interests that appears in the Enrolment form, in addition to the Enrolment form itself.

Destinations: Spanish School in Alicante and Vitoria
Starting dates: Every Monday. Spanish for beginners the first Monday of every month.
Spanish Levels 8 Spanish language levels (from Spanish for Beginners to Spanish Proficiency).
Duration Spanish business immersion course from 1 week.
Lessons per day 6 Spanish lessons per day: 4 lessons in a mini-group learning General Spanish and 2 lessons for Business Spanish training.
Lessons per week 30 Spanish lessons per week
Lesson Duration 45 minutes per lesson.
Classes schedule Business Spanish courses are generally held in the morning. Nonetheless, depending on your Spanish language evel, you may have morning or afternoon shift classes (The Spanish language school assigns the class timetable).
First day Spanish lessons The first day of the Business Spanish course you must arrive 15 minutes ahead of the regular Spanish classes schedule. Written level test followed by an interview to know the Spanish level.
Material Material and/or book not included in the privice of the Super Intense Spanish course.
Students per group Maximum of 7 and minimum of 3 students per group and private lessons.
Minimum age 20 years old.