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Spanish verbs dictionary

Following are a list of verbs in Spanish and English
abrazar to hug
abrir to open
aburrir to bore
aburrirse to get bored
acabar to finish
acelerar to accelerate
aceptar to accept
acercar to bring near o nearer
acercarse to approach
acompañar to go with
aconsejar to advice
acordarse to remember
acostarse to put to bed / to go to bed
actuar to perform
adelgazar to slim, to lose weight
afeitarse to shave
agradecer to thank
ahorrar to save
alcanzar to reach
coger a una persona to catch up with
alcanzar (lograr) to attain, to achieve
alegrar to make happy o glad
alegrarse to be glad, to be happy
almorzar to have lunch
alquilar to rent
amanecer to dawn
amar to love
amueblar to furnish
analizar to analyze
andar to walk
anochecer to get dark
anotar to take down, to make a note of
anunciar ( promocionar un producto) to advertise
anunciar (notificar) to announce
apagar to turn off, to switch off
aparcar to park
apellidarse Verb to say the surname
aprender to learn
aprobar to pass an exam
arreglar to repair, to fix
asistir to assist / to attend
asustar(se) to be frightened, to be scared
aterrizar to land
ayudar to help
bailar to dance
bajar to go down
bañar(se) para lavarse to have o take a bath
bañarse (nadar) to go for a swim
beber to drink
besar to kiss
brindar to drink a toast to
bromear to joke
buscar to look for
caber (poder entrar) to fit
caber (en un recipiente) to hold
caerse to fall down
calcular to calculate
calentar to hot
callar to stop talking / to say nothing
cambiar to change
cancelar to cancel
cansar to tire
cansarse to get tired
cantar to sing
cargar to load
casarse to marry / to get married
cazar to hunt
cenar to have dinner
cerrar to close
charlar to chat
chillar to shout
chocar to crash
circular to run
clasificar to clasify
cobrar to charge
cocer to boil
cocinar to cook
coger to take
colocar to place
combinar to combine
comenzar to start
comer to eat
compartir to share
comprar to buy
comprender to understand
comunicar to communicate
conducir to drive
confiar to trust
confundirse to make a mistake
conocer to know
conseguir to get, to obtain, to achieve
conservar to conserve, to preserve
construir to build
consultar to consult
consumir to consume
contar to count
contemplar to contemplate
contestar to answer
continuar to continue
convencer to convince
correr to run
cortar to cut
costar (dinero) to cost
costar (tiempo) to take
crear to create
crecer to grow
creer to think / to believe
criticar to criticize / to gossip
cruzar to cross
cuidar to care for, to look after
cumplir to carry out, tofulfil
curar to cure
dar to give
deber to must
decir to say
decorar to decorate
dedicarse to do somethin for a living
defender to dfend
dejar to lend / to borrow
poner en un sitio una cosa to leave
deletrear to spell
desayunar to have breakfast
descalzarse to take your shoes off
descansar to rest
desconectar to disconnect / to switch off
descontar to deduct, to give a discount
describir to describe
descubrir to discover
desear to wish
desnudarse to get undressed
despegar to take off
despertarse to wake (up)
destruir to destroy
devolver to give back, to return
dibujar to draw
dirigir to manage, to
diseñar to design
divertirse to amuse
divorciar to divorce
divorciarse to get divorced
doler to hurt, ache
dormir to sleep
ducharse to have a shower
dudar to doubt
echar to throw
elegir to choose
empezar to start
emplear to emploly
empujar to push
enamorarse to fall in love
encantar to love something
encender to light / to turn on
enchufar to plug
encontrar to find
enfadarse to get angry
engordar to put on weight
enseñar to teach
ensuciar to get dirty
entender to understand
entrar to go in
entrenar to train
entretener to keep somebody amused
enviar to send
equivocarse to be wrong
escoger to choose
esconder to hide
escribir to write
escribir a mano to write in longhand
escuchar to listen
esperar to wait / to hope
esquiar to sky
estar to be
estrenar to première
estudiar to study
explicar to explain
fabricar to manufacture
faltar to need
felicitar to congratulate
fijar to fix
firmar to sign
frenar to brake
fumar to smoke
ganar to earn / to win
gastar to expend
girar to turn
gobernar to govern
gritar to shout
guardar to keep
gustar to like
haber (auxiliar) to have
hablar to speak
hacer to go
helar to freeze
herir to hurt
indicar to show, to point
informar to inform
ingresar to pay in
intentar to try
interesar to be interested in
inventar to invent
invertir to invest
ir to go
jugar to play
juntar to join
juzgar to judge
lavar to wash
lavarse to wash oneself
leer to read
levantarse to get up
limpiar to clean
llamar to call
llamarse verb to say your name
llegar to arrive
llenar to fill
llevar to take / to carry / to wear
llorar to cry
llover to rain
lograr to get / to achieve
mandar to send / to tell sb to do sth
marchar to go
marcharse to leave
marearse to get sick
medir to measure
mejorar to improve
meter to put
mezclar to mix
mirar to look
molestar to bother
montar to ride
morir(se) to die
mover to move
mudarse to move
nacer to born
nadar to swim
necesitar to need
nevar to snow
obedecer to obey
observar to observe
ocurrir to happen
oír to hear
oler to smell
olvidar to forget
operar to operate
ordenar to tidy
organizar to organize
pagar to pay
parar to stop
parecer to seem / to look like / to look alike
partir to cut
pasar to pass
pasear to walk
pedir to ask for / to order
peinar to comb
pensar to think
perder to lose / to miss
perdonar to forgive
permitir to allow
pertenecer to belong
pesar to weight
pescar to fish
pinchar to prick
pintar to paint
poder to can / to be able
poner to put
ponerse de pie to stand
practicar to practice
preferir to prefer
preguntar to ask
preocuparse to worry
preparar to prepare
presentar to introduce
prestar to lend
probar to try
probarse to try on
producir to produce
prohibir to forbid
prometer to promise
proponer to propose
protestar to complain
quedar to meet
quedarse to stay
quejarse to complain
querer to want / to love
quitar to take sth off / down / out
rebajar to reduce
recetar to prescribe
reclamar to demand
recoger to pick up
recomendar to recommend
recordar to remind
recorrer to go round
recuperar to recover
regalar to give a present
reír to laugh
rellenar to fill
renovar to renew
reñir to tell sb off
reparar to repair
repartir to distribute
repetir to repeat
representar to represent
reservar to book
resistir to withstand
resolver to solve
respetar to respect
respirar to breathe
responder to answer
restar to subtract
retirar to withdraw
retirarse to retire
retrasar to delay
revisar to check
revolver to stir / to toss
robar to steal
rogar to beg /
romper to break
saber to know
sacar to take out
salir to go / come out
saltar to jump
saludar to say hello / to greet
secarse to dry
seguir to follow / to continue
seleccionar to select
sentarse to sit down
sentir to feel
señalar to mark
separar to separate
ser to be
servir to serve
soler to usually do something
soltar to let go
sonar to ring
soñar to dream
soplar to blow
soportar to stand
sorprender to surprise
subir to go / come up
sugerir to suggest
sujetar to hold
sumar to add
suponer to suppose
suspender to fail
tapar to cover
tardar to take time
tender to hang sth out
tener to have got
terminar to finish / to end
tirar to throw
tocar to touch
tomar to take
torcer to turn
toser to cough
trabajar to work
traducir to translate
traer to bring
tragar to swallow
tranquilizar to calm somebody down
trasladar to move
tratar to treat / to try
tumbarse to lie down
usar to use
utilizar to use
valer to cost
vencer to beat / to win
vendar to bandage
vender to sell
venir to come
ver to see
vestirse to get dressed
viajar to travel
vivir to live
volar to flight
volver to return / to go back / to come back


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