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Spanish language schools in Spain

Spanish school in Alicante and Spanish school in Vitoria

Alicante Spanish language school - Vitoria Spanish language School


Spanish language school in Spain
Spanish language school in SpainWelcoming Spanish language schools in Spain

ZadorSpain Spanish language schools in Spain in Alicante and Vitoria are two pleasant and welcoming language schools so that foreign students feel comfortable while learning Spanish in Spain.


Spanish language school in SpainSpanish language school in SpainSpanish language schools professionally equipped

At the same time, Zador Spanish language schools are professionally equipped, with quality premises, allowing you to make the most of the various language resources at your disposal for your Spanish language learning.

At ZadorSpain Spanish language schools each classroom is different. There are round tables in some, or chairs and a sofa to relax a bit in others. Each classroom has its own decoration to create a different atmosphere.

In short, according to our students of Spanish, the ZADOR Spanish language schools are more than just schools: they are language institutes with their own personality.

Students have free Internet access and WiFi connection.


Spanish language school in SpainSpanish schools in SpainMedium size Spanish schools: personal attention

The medium size of both Zador Spanish language schools allows us to get to know each student on a close and personal level, thus allow to have a personalized Spanish lessons.

There is a maximum of seven students of Spanish per classroom, with an average of five students per group.


Spanish language school in SpainSpanish Schools in SpainSmall classes: maximum 7 students to learn Spanish fast

Our small-group Spanish lessons will:

  • allow you to get the most from our personalized Spanish lessons,
  • facilitate active and dynamic participation in class,
  • maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques, thus facilitating your ability to learn to speak Spanish fluently.


Spanish language school in SpainSpanish language school in SpainLearn Spanish at ZadorSpain Spanish language schools

Spanish language intensive courses with different duration, subjects and for different students:


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