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If you want to learn Spanish language abroad for four weeks or more, you can travel in Spain and combine your program for learning Spanish language in two cities in Spain: Alicante, Costa Blanca, and Vitoria, Basque Country,

For Spanish courses in Spain of 4 or more weeks learning Spanish language, you can combine your "Study Abroad Spain" program in two cities in Spain: Alicante, a Spanish city on Mediterranean sea, and Vitoria, a Spanish city in the Green Spain.

With the program Travel Spain, you will discover how diverse Spain can be. Alicante and Vitoria are two completely different Spanish cities, with contrasting landscapes, distinct customs and popular traditions and diverse economies...

One is in the North of Spain – in the Green Spain of the Bay of Biscay, amid forests and Rioja vineyards, in the Basque Country – Vitoria.

The other is on the Mediterranean coast, in the Blue Spain of the Mediterranean Sea, in Costa Blanca, among lemon and orange trees - Alicante.

Map  of cities in Spain - AlicanteMap of cities in Spain - Vitoria

The distance between these Spanish cities is 688 Kms. / 427.52 miles.

In the Program "Travel Spain" the cost of the bus to travel from Alicante to Vitoria or vicevesa is included in the course price. There are daily buses from and to these Spanish cities.

In both Spanish Language schools there are specialized teachers for Spanish. The teachers of Spanish share the same language teaching system and the same methods and materials for the Spanish lessons, so that you can maintain your progress without any unnecessary repetitions.

The Spanish teachers at Alicante and Vitoria work together and exchange information about the Spanish lessons that each student has done, the progress he or she has made and the teacher’s advice for continuing his or her Spanish learning in Spain.

The Spanish course programs are similar, except for:

- the long stay Spanish courses combined with Master’s Degree in Management for International Trade, Spanish and Fine Arts, and the Spanish and Wine Tasting courses, and

- Junior Spanish Programs, designed for learning Spanish language and practising sport activities, such sailing, windsurfing, tennis or paticipating in a junior summer camp.

Prices for accommodation may vary in Alicante since there is an extra charge for the summer high season.

The activities we offer, both in Vitoria and Alicante, will let you really get to know the two regions.

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