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Academic Spanish Programs in Spain

To take part with Spanish students in different academic programs

  1. A minimum of 12 week Spanish courses.
    These Spanish courses are designed so that you can participate with Spanish students in various academic programs (Fine Arts), while you are studying Spanish in Spain.
    These Spanish courses can also prepare you for your access to the University in Spain or a Vocational Training school.

We offer you 3 types of Spanish courses:


  • Academic Spanish Courses are designed for you to take part with Spanish students in different Academic Programs (Fine Arts), at the same time that you study Spanish in Spain or before your preparation of the access the Spanish University or to Higher Vocational Training.
  • In each of those cases, the course consists of a course of Spanish combined with other teachings. The Spanish Course can be attended before other studies or parallel to them.
  • The Spanish and Fine Arts Courses in Spain use to be attended parallel to the Spanish courses. They are advisable for students of long-term courses who want an additional element to their stay abroad in Spain, who want to learn new artistic fields or continue with those that they made in their countries, want to have a closer contact with Spanish students, get credits and have a bigger linguistic exposition. All that will increase their competence level in Spanish.
  • The University Access Courses or Higher Vocational Training Access courses are designed for students who have finished and passed their secondary education in their countries and who want to continue their studies in a Spanish University or a Professional School in Spain.
  • The University Access Courses are also an excellent option for students in a gap year and who are studying Spanish. This course provides them a wide knowledge about Spanis culture, history, art and literature in Spain and Europe.

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