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Lesson 2
Nouns in Spanish: Masculine/Feminine (1)
In Spanish language nouns are masculine or feminine, either for person, thing, place, quality or idea.
Usually nouns are accompanied by an article or a limiting adjective (demonstrative, possesiv, indefinite article...)
Normally it is possible to know the gender of a word depending od the word's ending.
- o
- a
The mayority of the nouns ending in -o are masculine: libro, curso, camarero, perro
The mayority of the nouns ending in -a are feminine: mesa, lengua, camarera, gata
There are some exceptions: la mano for example. La moto is not a real exception because the complete word is motocicleta.
There are some exceptions: el día, el mapa for example.
- ma
- ión
Some nouns ending in -ma (similar in English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese... because all they have the same rooth -from Greek language) are masculine: el problema, el tema, el sistema, el programa, el clima, el idioma,
Nouns ending in -ción, -sión, are feminine: la emoción, la tensión, la canción, la entonación, la habitación...



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Learn Spanish in Spain in Alicante and Vitoria

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