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Spanish resources - Spanish Grammar lessons
Basic Spanish grammar for Spanish Beginners level

Basic Spanish grammar lessons for students of Spanish language with grammar rules, worksheets and exercises to learn, practice and check your Spanish grammar.

Basic Spanish grammar includes: Spanish articles, nouns, adjectives, interrogatives, prepositions, subject pronouns, direct and indirect object pronoun, infinitive, regular and irregular Spanish verbs, reflexive verbs, a common Spanish verbs list, gerund, and Spanish verbs indicative tenses: present, future and past tenses.

General Index
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Spanish alphabet
Lesson 1 - Spanish Grammar - Verb to be (verbo ser) (1) Formation, Exemples, Usage, Exercises
Lesson 8 - Spanish Verb to be in Spanish (2) - Estar - General Overview
Lesson 9 - Spanish Verb to have in Spanish (1) - Tener - Idioms with tener
Lesson 10 - To express negation in Spanish
Lesson 11 - Interrogative sentences in Spanish
Lesson 12 - Interrogative pronouns in Spanish

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