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Lesson 11 - Interrogative sentences (1)

- In Spanish the order of the words in a sentence is quite flexible. However the normal order in a declarative sentence (statement) is:

Subjetc (who do the action) + Predicate (the action) + Object (who receive the action)

The subject comes first, but when it is a personal pronoun as a subject, usually is not express and it is indicated by the verb ending.

Example: (Yo) hablo francés.

The predicate is composed at least by one verb expressing the action and often by an object, or adverbs.

Example: (Tú) comes mucho.

- In Spanish normally in an interrogative sentence the order of the subject and verb is reversed:
¿Eres (tú) francés? / ¿Es usted francés?
¿Habla usted italiano?
¿Por qué no come usted un poco más?



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Learn Spanish in Spain in Alicante and Vitoria

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