Spanish course for B2 students

Spanish course for upperintermediate students: language course contents

This is a summary of the students’ knowledge of Spanish language and the objectives we have in mind in Spanish courses for B2 students.


“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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Course contents for Spanish for B2 level

Spanish Knowledge profile of the student before the Spanish course

The student is able to give information on various topics verbally and in writing. His or her fluency is high. His or her listening and reading comprehension capacity allows the student to participate in conversations of both formal and informal type, even if sometimes the student misunderstands or does not understand everything. The grammar level is high but there are some mistakes in the usage of complex structures.

Level objectives in Spanish courses for Upper Intermediate

Reviews of all the verbal tenses of Spanish are made with the aim at reducing the number of mistakes that may result some misunderstanding as to the aspect of the action and the moment of its realisation.

This Spanish course concentrates on the expression of hypotheses as well as different degrees of doubt in the present, past and future tenses. The student can show emotions and desires concerning him or herself or others. He or she is able to express desires, which did not happen in the past. He can indicate the degree of hypotheses as well as formulate reactions and recommendations in a past context.

The student is able to prepare presentations, reports and argumentation, organising the ideas and concepts he or she wants to transmit. He or she can take part in discussions and debates with different speakers.

The student can read literary texts by contemporary authors when they are not very difficult, as well as texts presenting reports, argumentations and information. Even if he or she reads articles expressing opinion, there is still some difficulty reading “between the lines” or interpreting irony or written plays on words.

The students are trained to have a good knowledge of the Spanish culture.