Spanish Elementary: language course contents

Spanish course for elementary: language course contents

This is a summary of the students’ knowledge of Spanish language and the objectives we have in mind in Spanish courses for elementary students.


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Course contents for Spanish for Elementary

Spanish Knowledge profile of the student before the ELEMENTARY Spanish course

The student’s conversations in Spanish language are limited to familiar topics and answers simple questions. He or she can also express basic opinions, feelings and necessities, as well as make plans. The student can read adapted short texts with simple Spanish vocabulary. Difficulties understanding in situations beyond the most familiar topics. Limited fluency and mistakes interfere in the communication in Spanish.

Level objectives in Spanish Courses for Elementary students

The objective at this level is to enable the student to maintain a conversation with more fluency in public places, to express his or her opinion, to speak about personal daily activities, to comment his or her plans about the future and previous experiences. The Spanish student can give orders and advice, as well as make comparisons.

At Spanish elementary level, fluency continues to have more importance but correctness also has its significance, limiting the mistakes that interfere in his or her communication. The student writes and understands notes and warnings, as well as simple real texts from which he or she is able to extract key information.

By the end of the elementary Spanishlevel, the student is able to maintain conversations on aspects of everyday life, verbally and in writing, with a much more varied and active vocabulary. His or her grammar notions are still quite limited.