Spanish course for Proficiency students

Spanish course for Proficiency students: language course contents

This is a summary of the students’ knowledge of Spanish language and the objectives we have in mind in Spanish courses for Proficiency students.


“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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Course contents for Spanish for C2 level

Spanish Knowledge profile of the student before the Spanish course

The student speaks fluently in Spanish, with a rich vocabulary, even if he makes some mistakes in complex syntax and in the use of exceptions.

He or she can read journalistic, scientific or literary texts quickly, extracting the most important information. He or she can understand messages with a double meaning.

Level objectives in Spanish courses for Proficiency

The level’s objective is to enable the student to express him or herself verbally and in writing with the precision required by the context and the register. The student should be able to use the most complex structures: different verbal circumlocutions, adverbial phrases.