Spanish course for Elementary students

Spanish course for elementary students: language course contents

This is a summary of the students’ knowledge of Spanish language and the objectives we have in mind in Spanish courses for Elementary students.


“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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Course contents for Spanish for Elementary level

Spanish Knowledge profile of the student before the Spanish course

The student speaks in Spanish with relative fluency in conversations concerning everyday life, although he or she still makes many mistakes because until now fluency has been of greater importance than correctness.

Level objectives in Spanish courses for Upper Elementary

The main objective at this level is to enable the student to understand and speak in the past and future tenses. He or she should be able to speak about his or her life, to retell his or her biography, to value experiences or to express desires and basic hypotheses. The student can interpret and give orders and predictions, transmit information or messages to other people. This course prepares the student to understand written texts from real life: announcements, cinema posters, and simple brochures...

Even if fluency is still of greater importance, we will be working on correctness as well as enriching vocabulary. The structures and knowledge that the student has are reaffirmed. At this level, the main point is to increase the student’s confidence and self-assurance while speaking.