Spanish course for advanced students

Spanish course for advanced students: language course contents

This is a summary of the students’ knowledge of Spanish language and the objectives we have in mind in Spanish courses for Advanced students.


“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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Course contents for Advanced Spanish level

Spanish Knowledge profile of the student before the ADVANCED Spanish course

The advanced student speaks fluently Spanish language with few mistakes, even if he or she continues having some problems with new situations and exceptions to the rules. Sometimes he or she uses very common words in situations that require specific vocabulary. He or she is able to recognise different styles and to interpret the irony, as well as to read “between the lines” in not very complicated articles expressing opinion. The Spanish grammar level is high.

Level objectives in Spanish courses for Advanced students

The objective of Spanish course for advanced students is to improve the student’s capacity to react spontaneously, to make plays on words and differentiate spoken and written registers. He or she should be able to express him or herself correctly, fluently and appropriately according to context. 

The student works on the correction of mistakes. Exceptions and colloquial or formal expressions are included. The work is concentrated on the logic and coherent expression of speech. The student is able to write using his or her linguistic knowledge.

Topics related to the Spanish culture are emphasised in advanced level.