Spanish course content for beginners

Spanish course for beginners: language course contents

This is a summary of the students’ knowledge of Spanish language and the objectives we have in mind in Spanish courses for beginners.


“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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Course contents for Spanish for beginners

Spanish Knowledge profile of the student before the Spanish course for beginners or FALSE BEGINNERS

The student does not speak Spanish language or has basic knowledge of the Spanish language. He or she uses only model sentences to communicate in Spanish language and has difficulties understanding and interacting. The student only can take part in very simple conversations. He or she reads very simple texts.

Level objectives in Spanish Courses for Beginners

Based on a communicative approach of the Spanish language starting from the first day, the objective of the Spanish courses for beginnersis to enable the student to have simple conversations in Spanish language on topics such as introductions, to give or ask about personal information, to speak about how he or she feels physically and emotionally, to ask for explanations, to express his or her desires, tastes and preferences, to maintain basic conversations in public places, shops and restaurants, to speak about timetables and to make plans for the future. The student can also make invitations and propose plans.

Fluency is more important than correctness at Spanish Beginners level.

In sum, the student is ready to understand and to make him or herself understood in basic everyday situations both verbally and in writing, even if he or she speaks slowly or makes mistakes.