Fiestas in Vitoria: Santiago Festivity 25th July The Day of the Blusa
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Traditional Spanish fiestas - Basque Country

Traditional fiestas in Vitoria:
Santiago Festivity 25th July The Day of the Blusa

In the Santiago Festivity, The Blusa Day is celebrated in Vitoria.

The Blusas are essential characters of this festivity: groups of friends gathered to go together to the bullfights. In order not to get dirty, they began to dress with big smocks, as the ones used by the Basque farmers and shepherds.

They also wear a Basque cap, a white shirt, the blusa, a red or blue handkerchief around their neck (used not to dirt the shirt collar), trousers with a girdle around the waist, and abarcas - rustic leather shoes that are laced up from the feet to the knees-.

On 25th July, the blusas hold a ”donkey race”.

In this day, there is a garlic market. The garlic are sold in strings or bunches that normally have 50 bulbs. Practically all the garlic consumed during the entire year is sold then.


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Learn Spanish in Spain in Alicante and Vitoria

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