Traditional fiestas in Spain
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Information about Spain
Traditional Spanish fiestas in Spain

The most traditional festivities and the most “lively” festivals.

If you like pilgrimages, fireworks, folklore, open-air concerts or popular dances, this is your opportunity to enjoy the festivities offered in Spain throughout the year.

Browse in the menu to select the Spanish Fiestas (festivities and events) you want to know, click on the map of Spain or just click in the specific fiesta.

Alicante - Festivals of the Moors and Christians
Alicante - Bonfires - 24 June
Alicante - Virgen del Carmen - July
Vitoria -San Prudencio Festivity - 27 -28 April
Vitoria - Santiago - 25 July
Vitoria - Virgen Blanca 4-9 August

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Learn Spanish in Spain in Alicante and Vitoria