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Learn Spanish in Spain in Alicante and Vitoria
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Spanish Vocabulary
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Spanish vocabulary to speak about travel in Spanish language

Education - Enseñanza
enseñanza primaria elementary education
enseñanza secundaria secondary education
universidad university
escuela/colegio school
instituto institute / high school
maestro schoolteacher
profesor teacher
clase classroom
explicar to explain
enseñar to teach
leer to read
alumnos students/pupils
libro book
horario timetable
curso course
asignatura subjects
Lengua Language
Literatura Literature
Biología Biology
Historia History
Idiomas Languages
Física Physics
Química Chemistry
Matemáticas Mathematics
exámenes exams
notas marks
aprobar to pass an exam
suspender to fail
diploma diploma


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Learn Spanish in Spain in Alicante and Vitoria

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