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Social activities with Zador Spanish schools in Vitoria
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Actividades opcionales Social activities in Vitoria

Here is what the Spanish schools offer you so you can get to know your schoolmates and teachers, have a good time, know your way around our city, and enjoy Spanish cinema and music:

  • On the first day of your Spanish course, welcome coffee and pastries.

  • Every 4 weeks, generally at to the end of the month, whoever wants to can join in a “tapas” dinner in a restaurant, where you will be able to taste typical dishes. Delicious! Price per person: € 20 .

  • Guided tour of the city on the first day of the course: to see the most important monuments, where the museums and the cultural centers are, where the supermarkets and the shopping centres are, but also to know where people go for a walk, which cafés are the most popular, and which discos are “in”.
    Price per person: free.
    After the visit those who want to can join in some tapas: Price per person: € 15 ap.

  • Spanish cinema series: video films and gatherings at the school, 1 day per week.

    Sign up on the school notice board.





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