Activities for students learning Spanish in Vitoria

Activities while learning Spanish language in Vitoria

Vitoria, the Basque capital, is situated on a vast plain surrounded by mountains; 60 km from the coast, 30 km from the vineyards and old wine cellars of the La Rioja region, and 50 km from the monasteries where the first texts in Spanish appeared.

The city's award-winning urban design and its environment make Vitoria a city with one of the highest standards of living in Spain.

“Sure, there is something attractive for you to enjoy after your Spanish lessons while learning Spanish language in Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain.”



Social activities
The language school offers you several activities to familiarize with your classmates and your Spanish teachers, to have a good time and learn a little more about Vitoria.
Welcome coffee the first day of your Spanish course.
Guided tour of Vitoria on the first day of the Spanish course: to see the most important monuments in Vitoria, where the museums and the cultural centers are, where the supermarkets and the shopping centres are, but also to know where people go for a walk, which cafés and bars are the most popular, and which discos are “in”.

Cultural activities
Medieval Quarter, Churches, Palaces, Museums, ... and much more to see in Vitoria during your stay learning Spanish.
The Medieval Quarters enable visitors to enjoy the history of the city, discover civil buildings, mansions, tower houses and beautiful temples of great interest as examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical art.

  • Take a tour by train to discover Vitoria: Tourist train. One the best ways to see Vitoria is from aboard the tourist train that goes through the city’s the most special corners: the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, the Plaza de España, Dato Street and the monumental Medieval Quarter. Guided visit. Minimum 4 persons. From May to October.
  • Discovering our past, building our future: Visit to the Old Cathedral of Santa María. The Old Cathedral of Vitoria is located in the upper side of the hill where the primitive village of Vitoria was first settled. The present city was built over this village, being a part of its walls. Today, the Cathedral is part of a complex system of restoration of the whole area, which allows us to see how a cathedral was originally built.
  • Contemporary art: Visit to the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art. The ARTIUM is the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art Its objective is to promote modern art through its permanent collection, considered one of the best in Spain, and through temporary exhibitions. It organizes many didactic activities that allow you to get closer to the world of modern art: tours through the Museum guided by artists, film-forum, conferences, etc.
  • A bird’s eye view: the Tower of San Vicente. The Tower of San Vicente is one of the oldest church-fortresses in Vitoria. The Tower’s modern stairway leads you to the passageway that the soldiers used on their night-watches. The ascent continues towards the high point of the visit, to see Vitoria from the heights. In the last section of the visit, you find yourself in a spectacular space, under the wooden beams that hold up the roof of the church. Guided visit. Minimum 4 persons. From July to September, long weekends, Easter and Christmas.
  • A walk through the past: A visit to the Archaeology Museum. The Archaeology Museum is located in the medieval quarter of the city and preserves and exhibits objects spanning Prehistory to the Middle Ages.
  • Playing-cards Museum, a game since the ancient times. Located in a restored palace, the Playing-Cards Museum is unique in Spain. It preserves and exhibits playing-cards collections from all over the world.

You can also enrol in various different courses: salsa or merengue, flamenco, guitar, pottery... Ask at the Spanish school reception desk.

Sport activities
Do you want to get fit? Do you want to practice some of your favourite sports? Do you want to try something new?
Play Golf, go to the Gym Urban spa, go quad biking trip or 4x4 Route, practice Horseback Riding, take a Balloon Flight or Helicopter Flight, get fit with Trekking or Mountain bike, break adrenaline with Paintball, practice scuba and snorkeling... Ask at the Spanish school reception desk.

Excursions, visits and trips
Vitoria’s strategic position, excellent connections and proximity to other provincial capitals make it a perfect destination and an ideal departure point for getting to know the Basque Country and the North of Spain. Bilbao, San Sebastián, Pamplona, Burgos, and Logroño are within an hour from Vitoria and they await your visit.

Optional activities for the afternoon or the weekend

  • The activities are planned for the afternoon or the weekend, so they are compatible with your Spanish lessons.
  • The optional activities are arranged along the year, and are programmed for specific dates, mainly in summer.
  • In some optional activities, there is a minimum and a maximum number of participants.
  • If the required number is not reached, we cannot guarantee the activity realization. If there are more registered people than the fixed for the activity, the seat assignment will be by registration order.
  • If there are activities that are not programmed during your study abroad program in Spain, send us a message when you book your Spanish course and we will try to organize this activity during your study abroad program Alicante.
  • If an individual participation is possible, Zador Spanish schol staff will indicate you where and how to do the activity.

How to book the optional activities

You can enrol in Spanish and Tennis, Golf, Sailing or Windsurfing on doing your registration, filling in the corresponding section in the enrolment form, for other activities you can enrol when doing the registration or on arriving at the Spanish school.

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