Spanish levels at ZADOR Spanish schools in Spain

Spanish language levels orientation

These categories will help you find your Spanish language level as well as the objectives we suggest for each Spanish language course at Zador Spanish Schools in Spain.

“Learn Spanish in small groups with a communicative focus”

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Diagram of Spanish language levels

This is a general classification of Spanish language levels, given that there are no exclusive levels. In some cases, the student has a very high level of reading comprehension but experiences problems speaking fluently. In others, the student speaks fluently but has difficulties understanding, etc.

On the other hand, improvement is not only gradual, but also depends on many different factors, such as the language environment, the need to use it in different contexts and situations, each student’s own rate of language learning among others.

Generally speaking, every language level takes approximately between 100 and 120 hours of Spanish language lessons at a medium learning rate.
N. of weeks
Knowledge of Spanish language
Levels of Spanish

Speaks Spanish language as fluently as a native with a very a high comprehension capacity, although there are some problems with the use of exceptions and richness of the Spanish vocabulary.

Spanish Proficiency
(Level C2)
Preparation for the Superior Diploma of the Cervantes Institute.
Reaching Spanish Proficiency allows you to take the courses Spanish and Masters in International Commerce or MBA programs..
Understands and speaks Spanish fluently, although there are some problems in new situations. High level of Spanish grammar knowledge but mistakes in the use of complicated structures.
Spanish Advanced
(Level C1)
At this level, the student can take part in the program Spanish and Internships in Companies.
High level of Spanish grammar knowledge; some lack in the use of appropriate specific vocabulary. High level of speaking and reading comprehension.
Spanish Upper Intermediate
(Level B2.2)
Preparation for the Intermediate Diploma of the Cervantes Institute.
Speaks Spanish fluently on daily topics. Good speaking and reading comprehension on the whole. Does not understand everything well and does not differentiate registers and styles.
Spanish Intermediate
(Level B2)
Speaks on topics of the everyday life with relative fluency, but with a quite limited vocabulary.
Spanish Low Intermediate
(Level B1)
Preparation for the Initial Diploma of the Cervantes Institute.
Speaks Spanish with a certain fluency in conversations on every day life topics, although there are many mistakes. Understands conversation with only one speaker.
Spanish Elementary 2
(Level A2.2)
Can say and understand simple things. Expresses opinions, feelings and necessities.
Spanish Elementary 1
(Level A2.1)
Uses and recognises only simple words and basic structures: can give information on personal data and ask simple questions.
Spanish Beginners
(Level A1)


The number of weeks estimated to attain each Spanish language level is just informative. We cannot guarantee that a student passes from one language level to the next in the indicated time. It depends on many different factors.