Terms of enrolment of a Spanish course in Spain

Terms of enrolment of a Spanish course in Spain for adults

These are the terms of Enrolment for Spanish Courses for Adults in Alicante or Vitoria. To enrol juniors or kids, please see the Spanish for Juniors and Kids Enrolment.

1 Registration in a Spanish language course for adults at Zador Spanish language Schools in Alicante or Vitoria is not valid unless we have received the copy of payment of the deposit (€ 150) or the total amount and the complete enrolment form with all the required data.

2 If you pay by bank transfer, or VISA the total payment must be made 15 days before the beginning of the Spanish course. If you pay the awaiting payment in cash you must pay the first day of the Spanish course at the Spanish language schools.

3 Course prices vary depending on the number of weeks, having significant discounts for long term courses. The discounts will only be applied when the total amount of the Spanish Programme is paid in advance. If the student wants to pay every 2 weeks, for example, s/he has to calculate the price of the Spanish course according to the price of the course for 2 weeks.

4 All bank charges of associated with the deposit or the Spanish Programme payment must be paid for by the student. If there is any mistake in the deposit, it will be regularised in the total invoice of the Spanish course.

5 Cancellation:

  • Once enrolled, there are no refunds unless you purchase the cancellation insurance. Please read the terms and conditions for the circumstances included and excluded by the policy.
  • It is necessary to contract a cancellation insurance for each invoice (i.e. one for the deposit and another for the rest of the payment).
  • Without the cancellation insurance and if you have paid the deposit, there are no refunds. If for any reason you have to cancel before the final payment date (2 weeks before the starting date), we will issue a course voucher for all fees paid except the registration fee (€60). This voucher is valid for a course in 1 year, and it is only transferable to an immediate family membe. Refunds will ONLY be given with the purchase of a Cancellation Policy.
  • If a participant decides to travel during the period of the reservation and he/she does not attend some lessons, activities or other contracted services, no refund will be given.
  • After the Spanish program has started, no refund will be given in case of the participant withdrawing for family, personal or disciplinary reasons before the end of the program.
  • If the programme is cancelled by ZADOR, the full amount received will be refunded.
  • Any complaint about the Spanish course should be made during the course period to our staff. In the case of a legal action, the student and Zador Spanish language schools will be subject to the Spanish court in Alicante or in Álava (for Spanish courses in Vitoria). Any other court system will be renounced.

6 Please remember that you must have your own medical, accident and civil responsibility insurance for your study abroad to learn Spanish in Spain. ZADOR Spanish language schools is unable to accept the responsibility for injury, theft or damage caused to persons or property during the stay.
Participants in Spanish Programs for adults can purchase an insurance cover throughout Zador. Insurance cover information.
Participants in the Summer Camps for Teenagers and Children are covered by a private insurance already included in the camp price.

7 Lessons are in Mini group between 3 and 7 students. If there are 2 students, the classes are reduced to 2 hours. If there is 1 student this is changed to a 1 hour class.

8 All the students with arranged accommodation should arrive the evening before the beginning of the course and leave the day after the end of the course.

9 Remember that the school closes on the public holidays specified in the Price List, and that those days are not recoverable, unless it is specified in the price and dates list.

10 The student, unless specified otherwise, authorises Zador Spanish language schools to use the possible photographic material in which he/she may appear for exclusive advertising use by ZADOR Spanish language schools.