Methods of payment for your Spanish course in Spain

Methods of payment for your Spanish course in Spain for adults

These are the methods of payments for Spanish Courses for Adults in Alicante or Vitoria. To enrol juniors or kids, please see the Spanish for Juniors and Kids Enrolment.

The deposit or total amount payment can be made:

1 By Bank Transfer: Payments must be made in Euros (€). Clause OUR TRANSFER. Please, indicate your name and the date of the course.

To Alicante:
Payable to: ZADOR Alicante Servicios lingüísticos, S.L.
Account (IBAN):

To Vitoria:
Account (IBAN): ES9830350073520730054421

2 By International Draft Cheque send by post in € payable to:

Payable to: ZADOR Alicante Servicios Lingüísticos, S.L.
To send to: ZADOR, escuela de español Avda. de la Constitución, 14—Principal Izquierda Alicante (España)

Payable to: CERCAS BAJAS S.L.
To send to: ZADOR, escuela de español
Cercas Bajas, 15—bajo 01001
Vitoria (España)

3 By credit card (Visa, Master Card).
You must send a SIGNED authorization (authorization to print and send), a copy of your passport and of the card by fax. You have to send a separate authorization for each payment you make.

Invoice payment

Once the amount of the deposit is deducted from the total price of the course, the rest can be paid by bank transfer, draft cheque, credit card, or on the first day of class at school in cash.

Means of payment

1.- In all cases, payments must be made in Euros.

2.– In all cases, the exact amount of the deposit or the invoice must arrive at ZADOR, School of Spanish.

3.– In case of bank transfers, you must make an O.U.R. transfer (the student must pay all the bank charges).

4.– In case of draft cheques, you must add an amount of € 25 (cheque collection charges).

5.– In case of payments made by credit card, you must add a 3,5% of the deposit or total invoice amount.