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Sport activities with ZADOR Spanish language schools in Alicante and Vitoria to enjoy your free time after your Spanish lessons

Sport activities in Alicante Immersion program activities
Sport activities in Vitoria

Do you want to get fit? Do you want to practice some of your favourite sports? Do you want to try something new?

You will find a variety of sports activities both in Vitoria and in Alicante.

From “traditional” sports such as swimming, canoeing, sailing, horseback riding, diving, windsurf, etc., to the most “exciting” extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, climbing,

canyoning, a light aircraft ride, paragliding, or potholing.

The majority of the activities have a medium difficulty and all the participants have a specific insurance.

Some of the activities can be made in different places and the company that organises them chooses their location.

Most of the activities are held in the afternoon, so that they are compatible with your Spanish lessons.

The departure and arrival timetables can vary a bit, depending on the time of the year and of the activity. Any change will appear in the agenda.

There are also full-day activities, which are only held during the weekend, and weekend activities.

In all the activities there is a minimum and maximum number of participants. If there is not enough people for an activity, we cannot guarantee that the activity will be undertaken. If the maximum number of participants is exceeded, the first enrolments will prevail.

The activities are distributed throughout the year and they are programmed for specific dates. You can find those dates in the agenda. If there are excursions or trips in the agenda that are not programmed during your stay in Spain, please imform us when booking your Spanish course.

If there are enough students (consult the minimum number of people indicated in each activity), Zador Spanish language schools will organise that excursion during your stay in Spain. You can register for these activities in the enrolment form or at the Spanish school reception desk when you arrive

. In addition, if you like sports and you want to try a bit of everything, we are sure you will be interested in the Spanish course combined with sports and adventure.

If you consult Alicante or Vitoria, you will see the description of all the sports activities programmed by the school together with companies specialised in this type of activities. See you soon in Alicante or Vitoria, Spain!

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Spanish immersion programs in Spain: optional activities