Alicante Mediterranean cuisine

Learn Spanish inAlicante and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine

Alicante’s cuisine is typically Mediterranean. The history of Alicante, its geographical location, and the climate and the fertility of its lands lend richness and variety to this region’s gastronomy.

Rice, the basic ingredient of all of the region’s cuisine an, of course, of the hundred of paella's recipes; fish and shellfish, of the most quality; cured salted fish; tapas and montaditos; and the most famous dessert for Christmas throughout Spain: the turron of Jijona and Alicante.

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    Spanish courses and Gastronomy Alicante Spain

Fish and seafood from the Mediterranean sea, with vegetables and fruits from the orchards, accompanied by the inland wines, make up the main part of a healthy and natural cuisine, whose basic ingredient is the rice.

All these flavours of mediterranean sea and land are mixed together in the delicious rice “a la alicantina”, the cauldron, the black rice or the salt pork.

To finish your meal, try the fruits and the ice cream and, above all, the typical universal dessert —the “turrón” with its varieties from Jijona (soft) and from Alicante (hard), accompanied by “fondillón”— old wine.