Alicante festivities and events

Alicante Spain: Social life and Festivals

Festivals, fiestas and social life in Alicante to enjoy your free time after your Spanish lessons.


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Alicante Spain: Social life and Festivals

Alicante: Social life

There are many leisure areas in Alicante where the most varied entertainment is guaranteed.

In El Barrio, the name of the Alicante old town, there is a high concentration of bars and restaurants with excellent atmosphere, as well as some places with live music, preferably jazz.

Some must-see stops in Alicante are: La Zona, just behind the Explanada de España (forecourt), which is for the young and lively crowd, or la Ruta de la Madera, behind Alfonso el Sabio Avenue, near Zador Spanish language school, and El Puerto, with their more modern spots, discotheques and out-door cafés.

Alicante: Traditional fiestas, festivities and events

If you take part in the Alicante fiestas and festivities you will enjoy truly magic moments.

Among the Alicante fiestas, we recommend the pilgrimage of Santa Faz or the processions of Moors and Christians, the Porrate of Saint Anthony around the 17th of January with its stands in the streets, the processions of Saint Nicholas, or the Carnivals.

June is a very special month in Alicante: On June 24th, the eve of San Juan, or Saint John, traditional bonfires are lit all over Alicante and the streets filled with music, celebration and fireworks. Huge papier-mâché; monuments are consumed by the flames during the purifying rituals of this magical night.

And these are only some of the most significant fiestas in Alicante. There are many others celebrated throughout the year.

All year round Alicante offers you an extensive cultural programme. You can choose among a variety of concerts, conferences, theatrical productions or a medieval market at the end of June.

There is also a summer festival on the forecourt of the harbour with its theatre plays and concerts. Do not forget the nights of the Castle, the International Festival of Contemporary Music or the International Puppets Festival.