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Citizenship : U.S. and Canadian Citizenship Age: Minimum age is 19, maximum age is 25. Enrollment Status: Participants must be full-time enrolled students at an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university before, during and after the program. Language: The equivalent of 2 years of post-secondary study of Spanish is required. Participants must be able to function in a Spanish-speaking work environment immediately upon arrival in Spain. It is in the participant’s best interest to practice and take additional Spanish classes before the program start, if necessary. Education: At least two years at a university/ college in a field related to one of the following: Business: general business administration, international business, import/export, marketing, PR, sales, advertising, finance, hotel management Technical Fields: chemical-, electrical-, industrial-, and mechanical engineering, logistics, information technology, web design, multimedia, graphic design, architecture Liberal Arts: international relations, Spanish, economics and other social sciences Work Experience: Practical experience in the participant’s desired field (summer employment, prior internship, etc.) is preferred. It is important for the participant to show through their application that they can adjust to a professional environment and know how to use their theoretical skills in the workplace.

This program (end of May to August) provides an opportunity for American and Canadian students to complete professional internships in Spain in a variety of fields. Internships start on May 28, 2007 and end on August 17, 2007 for all participants. All internships are unpaid. However, host companies will be asked to provide some form of non-monetary compensation, such as free housing, meals, and/or public transportation to and from work. The application deadline is January 19, 2007.

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