Apartment accommodation for students learning Spanish in Spain

Staying in an apartment allows you to live your own way. You can share an apartment with your family or your friends and have total independence.

Characteristics of living in an apartment

Available all year.
Minimum stay 1 week.
You can choose among:

- a 1 person studio,
- a studio for 2,
- an apartment for 3 people,
- an apartment for 4 people.

Only accommodation, without meals.
Usually, arrival the Sunday before the Spanish course and departure the Saturday after finishing the course.
Price per night.

Apartment life

The maximum distance between the flats and the Spanish schools is 20-30 minutes on foot or 10-15 minutes by bus.
The maximum distance between the apartments and the Spanish schools is 30 minutes on foot or 10-15 minutes by bus.
The apartments are selected and visited regularly.
Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, complete bathroom and television.
The apartments have linen. Usually you must bring your own towels.
Some apartments have an Internet connection. In some cases there is washing machine in the apartment and in others there is a laundry room with washing machines and dryers for use by the residents. They work using tokens you can purchase at the reception desk.
You can arrange for cleaning or you can contract a cleaning service.
A week before your arrival you will be sent all the information related to the apartment you will live in.

Apartment payment

  • The accommodation payment is made together with the payment of the course and the rest of the contracted services in the enrolment form before starting the course.
  • The same conditions apply for long-term courses.
  • Payment is made to ZADOR school of Spanish.