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Spanish for travelers
Commonly phrases used in Spanish
Learn Spanish Language Basic
Spanish phrases to travel to Spain

Spanish words, vocabulary and commonly used Spanish phrases you will find useful if you plan to travel to Spain.

¿Me dices la hora?
La una y media
  What time is it?
It´s one thirty
¿Puedes decirme la hora?
Las ocho en punto.
  What time is it?
It's eight o'clock.
¿Qué hora es?
Es la una de la tarde
Son las dos, las tres ...
Son las cinco y cuarto
  What time is it?
It´s one in the afternoon
It´s two, three ...
It´s a quarter past five
¿A qué hora es la cena? At what time is dinner served?
¿A qué hora quedamos?
A las doce
What time should we meet?
At 12


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Learn Spanish in Spain in Alicante and Vitoria