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Special discounts for groups to study Spanish in Spain


-For customised Spanish programs for groups, please send us an email to receive a quotation.

These Spanish courses are designed for:

- Teachers who want to come with your students.
  - A group of students who want to manage on your own.
  - Firms or companies whose workers need to learn Spanish for their jobs.
  - Families or a group of friends who want to have a linguistic stay in Spain.

With these Spanish programs you can select:

- Number of lessons per day: 3, 4, 5 Spanish classes per day
  - A Spanish teaching program that meets your learning needs and preferences.
  - The course starting date, taking into account that all the students in the group must start on the same date.
  - The type of accommodation you want.
  - The activities, cultural and sporting, the excursions and trips you want to take.

- For individual students, coming together with friends or colleagues:

2 students with the same level
- 5% discount on the price of the Spanish course
3 students with the same level
- 7% discount on the price of the Spanish course
4 students with the same level
- 10% de discount on the price of the Spanish course



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