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Vitoria in the Middle Age

The whole of Vitoria 's old quarter was declared a Hisotical Monument in 1997, and still conserves today the almond-shapped urban layout that it adquired during the 13th and 14th centuries.

The area is divided into a number of different longitufinal streets whose names -Cuchillería (knife maker's), Zapatería (cobbler's), Herrería (blacksmith's) or Pintorería (painter's)- for example, attest to the trades which once characteristicsed them.

A faithful reflection of the era can also found in the various civil constructions:

  • Casa del Cordón
  • Anda Tower
  • El Portalón

The four churches of the Medieval Quarter also define the old town and the city's skyline:

  • San Miguel
  • San Vicente
  • San Pedro
  • Santa María Cathedral

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