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Long term Business Spanish courses in Spain


Spanish for business course is designed for people who need business Spanish language for their work, their studies or their professional future.

Business Spanish training consist of 4 lessons general Spanish plus 2 business lessons per day.

Commercial Spanish in mini-group with a maximum of 7 students to learn business themes (finance, management, banking, marketing, sales, accounting...) as well as cultural aspects and business etiquette.


Long Term Spanish CoursesLong Term Spanish ProgramsLong Term Business Spanish course description

These courses are designed for university students of careers related to the business world, who need to learn Spanish for their working life or their professional future and also for students who want to prepare their access to Superior Vocational Training or to the University in Spain or MBA programs in studies related to the business world.

The combination of 20 lessons of General Spanish and 10 lessons of Business Spanish per week will allow you to acquire global skills, plus work on specific aspects related to the business world for one hour per day.

The minimum duration is 12 weeks (if you want fewer weeks, consult Short Business Spanish courses). You may choose this course for your whole immersion program or part of it.

Business Spanish courses are courses specially designed for:

— Presentations.
— Telephoning.
— Meetings and discussions.
— Negotiations.
— Social relations in a business atmosphere.
— A general view of the Spanish economy and of some of today’s most important Spanish companies.
— In-depth analysis of several sectors of the Spanish economy: Companies, Economic sectors, Infrastructures and Transports, Banks, Trade, Tourism...

For the Business Spanish Courses, you must fill in the Questionnaire of Needs and Interests that appears in the Enrolment form, in addition to the Enrolment form itself. rs in the Enrolment form, in addition to the Enrolment form itself.

The minimum duration of Long Term Intensive Spanish immersion program is 12 weeks and the maximum 60 (if you want to learn Spanish just one week, consult Short Business Spanish courses).

Long Term Spanish ProgramsLong Term Spanish ProgramsCharacteristics of Long Term Business Spanish courses

Spanish language school in Alicante and Spanish School in Vitoria
8 Spanish levels (from Spanish for Beginners to Spanish Proficiency).
Long Term Spanish course from 13 weeks to 60 weeks
6 contact lessons per day learning Spanish: 4 lessons in a group learning General Spanish and 2 lessons Business Spanish training.
30 Spanish lessons per week.
Spanish classes are generally held in the morning but depending on your Spanish level, you may have morning or afternoon shift classes (The school assigns the Spanish class timetable).
The first day of class  you must arrive 15 minutes ahead of the regular Spanish classes schedule.
Material and/or book not included in the price.
Minimum age – 20 years old.
Maximum of 7 and minimum of 3 students per group.


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or... if you prefer, send us an email to info@zadorspain.com and you will receive the enrolment form by email.

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