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Festivals and social life in Vitoria Basque Country


As in most Spanish cities, in Vitoria there are many bars where you can try the famous “tapas”. In the Basque Country, they are called “pintxos”. You will find many outdoor cafés, especially in the summertime, on the various streets and squares, such as the Plaza de España square or Dato Street, the traditional pedestrian areas of the city.

La Cuesta, the area that connects the city’s 19th century extension to the medieval quarter, is another lively part of town (as is the medieval quarter itself), with many bars, and plenty of weekend entertainment.

According to the students, the Vitoria nightlife on weekends is very lively. There are discotheques and clubs with all kinds of music: disco, Latino... Currently, bars and cafés with Irish and Scottish names are in fashion.

Various artistic and cultural events are celebrated in Vitoria the year round: concerts, lectures, theatre, an open air market held in the old town on the first Saturday of each month, soccer, basketball, pelota (traditional Basque Jai-alai game)…

The most important events include: the Dance Month, the Spring Craftsman’s Fair, the International Folklore Festival, one of Europe’s most important Jazz festivals in mid July, a medieval market held on the last weekend of September, the Wine Fair in early November, where numerous wine cellars of the La Rioja region present their wines, the week of the “pintxo” (tapas), where the city’s bars and restaurants offer their best “mini” culinary creations… and a great many more things to discover.

One of the most important celebrations is the festivities dedicated to patron saint of Vitoria, the Virgen Blanca, held from the 4th to the 9th of August. There are bullfights, pilgrimages, processions, fireworks and all sorts of popular celebrations for all ages.

More information about festivities and events in Vitoria >>>

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