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Spanish alphabet

The Spanish Alphabet has 29 letters, CH and Ll indluded, although they are digraphs. Since 1994, due to an international request, the letters CH and Ll are in the dictionaries inside C and L.
Capital letters
Small letters
A a a
B b be
C c ce
CH ch che
D d de
E e e
F f efe
G g ge
H h hache
I i i
J j jota
K k ka
L l ele
LL ll elle
M m eme
N n ene
Ñ ñ eñe
O o o
P p pe
Q q qu
R r erre
S s ese
T t te
U u u
V v uve
W w uve doble
X x equis
Y y y griega
Z z zeta

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